The first concept aircraft by Bell Helicopter has been revealed at Heli-Expo 2017. And the company thinks it could revolutionise the pilot and passenger experience.

Mitch Snyder, Bell Helicopter’s president and CEO, said at the opening ceremony of Heli-Expo that for six months a dedicated team has been looking at how emerging technologies could be incorporated into their products.

(Textron/Bell Helicopter)


“Among that team’s first tasks was to display visually the technologies and innovations that present a roadmap that we envision bringing to market,” Snyder said.

And the company came up with the impressive concept aircraft, known as FCX-001.

(Textron/Bell Helicopters)


So what’s so great about this new aircraft? Well, it includes a passenger cabin enhanced with same augmented reality technology – so while flying, you could catch up on world news, hold a video conference call, share documents with other passengers. Or you could simply watch a film or play music to relax.

One innovation that’s worth noting is there is only one pilot seat – an artificial intelligence computer system assists the pilot in controlling the aircraft.

The airframe, meanwhile, is made from sustainable materials. And here’s what it could look like inside the rotor-craft…


(Textron/Bell Helicopters)


Snyder added that Bell Helicopter will be sharing more of the work going on behind closed doors when the time is right – so keep your eyes peeled for more pioneering developments in the aircraft industry.

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