Mitsubishi has unveiled a new signalling system which projects symbols on to the road surface.

The Safe and Secure Lighting system also displays signals on the body of the car, meaning pedestrians and other road users should have a clearer idea of what the car is likely to do next.

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The system, which is still in development, projects arrows from the back of the car when it is put into reverse.

It can also project a symbol on to the pavement when a door is about to be opened, while a display on the back of the car shows a warning sign.

The new Mitsubishi signalling system
The system projects a symbol on to the pavement when a door is about to be opened (Mitsubishi)

Mitsubishi says the functions will occur automatically based on the driver or passenger’s actions, so there is no need for the lights to be manually activated.

The manufacturer believes the system may also be useful in future to signal the intentions of self-driving cars, which could be harder to read for other drivers.

Mitsubishi hopes to have the system in cars by 2020, by which time it is expected to have been expanded to include more signals.

In the meantime, it will be on display in a concept car at the Tokyo Motor Show, which begins on October 27.

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