You can get into some pretty sticky situations thanks to the state of your tyres.

But what if while driving, you could have information about air pressure, tyre load, damage and distance travelled sent to your phone?

Pirelli Connesso tyres


That’s the logic behind Pirelli’s two new smart tyres, unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show.

Not only that, but they’ve upped their tyre game further by releasing a range of colours – red, yellow, silver and white. And if there’s another colour a customer would like, they can request it. Bright pink, anyone?

And the range of smart tyres, known as Pirelli Connesso, will be available as soon as this summer.

But how does the technology work exactly? Well, there is a chip embedded inside the tyre which feeds important information to an app on your phone. It’s the chip’s job to measure certain characteristics of the tyre – meaning no more pulling over to do a check.

Pirelli Connesso tyres


Instead, drivers will simply be alerted when something is wrong with the tyres – for example, if the tyre pressure is too low.

And forget having to then stop and google the nearest garage because the app also has this information to hand too.

It isn’t yet known how much the tyres will cost.

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