Artificial intelligence and how it can help or hinder the human race continues to spark debate in the technology world – now another example of it being used for good has emerged.

A group of researchers from Singapore have created an autonomous robot that can be used to cut down on the admin work librarians have to do.

Robot scanning library shelves
(A*STAR Institute for Infocomm Research)


A shelf-scanning robot called AuRoSS has been created that can navigate the aisles of a library each night, using lasers to scan each shelf and compile a report on missing or misplaced books.

This report is then ready for human library staff to read in the morning, telling them exactly where needs organising, reducing the time-consumption significantly.

Library shelves
(Craig Cunningham/AP)


The bot uses more lasers and ultra-sound to navigate its way between the shelves, and has already been trialled in several libraries in Singapore, where according to the A*STAR Institute for Infocomm Research – the team behind AuRoSS – the robot has achieved an accuracy rating of up to 99%.

They added that the technology could easily be adapted to work in warehouses or retail stores, saving man hours for staff.