Toyota has launched its latest small SUV vehicle in a flashy immersive theatre experience, starring Resident Evil actress Milla Jovovich.

The event was a world first in drive through theatre, showing off the flow of the Toyota C-HR.

Guests were guided through a fictional story hosted at the Printworks in London and narrated by Jovovich. The night transported some 100 people from Berlin, to Milan, Paris, Barcelona and London.

Innovative projection technology was used to make visitors feel as though they were being whizzed through the streets of Berlin with footage from the International Festival of Light. Meanwhile the Paris-themed world was set in a casino, where French rally driver Guerlain Chicherit was on hand to offer an exhilarating experience driving participants around a giant projected roulette table.

The final surprise took place in a London bar where Jovovich herself made a surprise appearance, before speeding off in the C-HR.

Toyota C-HR

“I’ve never done anything like this, immersive theatre,” the 41-year-old told us. “To connect with people and be able to interact like we did tonight, I think it’s very special, it’s very ground-breaking.”

The actress also joked that the C-HR is more luxurious than the cars she’s used to driving during the Resident Evil films.

“This car’s very smooth and on Resident Evil it’s very bumpy, army-style, post-apocalyptic cars.”

The C-HR is Toyota’s first new car release for 2017, acting as the successor to the Urban Cruiser.

Jan Verhaegen, Manager Brand and Marketing Communications at Toyota Europe said: “The C-HR is a completely new concept for the Toyota brand and totally different to anything we’ve ever created before. As such, we knew we had to launch it in a way that was innovative, unique and would bring to life the sense of ‘flow’ that the car embodies. ‘The Night That Flows’ captured not only the dynamic and innovative character of the C-HR, but also showcased exactly why it is the ultimate car for people who want to flow through life.”

The Toyota C-HR is available in three grades (Icon, Excel and Dynamic), starting from £20,995.