From sci-fi predictions of the 1930s to Lawnmower Man, the idea of using technology to go somewhere else has existed in some form for much of the last century, before even computer scientist Jaron Lanier coined the term ‘virtual reality’ (VR) in 1987.

Early VR wasn’t very good, headsets were bulky and the experiences just weren’t very real, but over the last few years improvements in graphics and tracking technology mean virtual reality has finally come of age and it’s good - very good.  You really feel like you have been transported away and totally forget where you are.

Don’t believe us? Maybe you are sceptical about the idea of a realistic virtual world? We asked members of the Great British Public to try it out, using the HTC Vive and powerful Acer Predator G6 gaming PC.

Check out the video below to see them experience ‘theBlu’.

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