Blast off! The billionaire tech entrepreneur, Elon Musk, has unveiled plans to take you anywhere on Earth in less than an hour using a rocket.

The Space X chief executive revealed that he plans to land at least two cargo ships on Mars by 2022, and that the same rocket will be used to whizz humans around the earth in next to no time. We look at his predictions through the years, some which are still seem futuristic and others which seem far closer on the horizon.

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Who is Elon Musk?

Elon Musk is a technology entrepreneur who has created some of the most innovative products and services of this century. Born in Pretoria, South Africa, on June 28, 1971, the Canadian-American is one of the richest people in the world, and one of the most powerful. Read more about him.

Elon Musk

Travel around the earth by rocket

Musk is predicting that by 2022 rockets will transport humans around the world, meaning that New York to Shanghai will take 39 minutes in flying time.

When he said it: September 2017
When he said it would happen by: 2022

Space tourism

Musk has said that he will fly two tourists around the moon in late 2018, and the two individuals in question have already paid a significant deposit for the privilege.

Revealing the plans in a blog post, Space X said the two people would be travelling in a Dragon 2 Space ship. Find out more about Space Tourism.

When he said it: February 2017
When he said it would happen: 2018

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Artificial intelligence starting World War Three

This month, Musk tweeted his concerns about the rise of AI in global conflict, with the suggestion that governments could obtain AI “at gunpoint, if necessary”.

When he said it: September 2017
When he said it would happen: Unspecified

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Colonisation of Mars

Musk’s vision of the colonisation of Mars includes the setting up of pizza restaurants on the red planet, with a prediction that 1,000 passenger ships will be flying en masse to Mars within the next century. 

When he said: September 2016
When he said it would happen: Colonisation dates were vague, but he hopes to get two cargo ships there by 2022

Nuking Mars

Musk believes the temperature of Mars could be increased - and the planet made more inhabitable - quickly by discharging nuclear blasts over the Red Planet's polls every few seconds. On The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Musk said: “There’s the fast way and there’s the slow way… the fast way is drop the nuclear weapons over the Martian poles”.

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When he said it: September 2015
When he said it would happen: Unspecified

Pressurised tube travel

The Hyperloop is an above-ground transport network consisting of hundreds of miles of tubes, which would move people at near supersonic speeds.


When he said it: 2012
When he said it would happen: No date, but in July 2017 he said he had received “verbal” government approval

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