Celebrate with these great gadgets that will help you embrace nature in your local area...

Led outside

10 Multi Coloured LED Lantern Solar Lights

Multi Coloured LED Lantern Solar Lights

Price: £4.69

Website: LED Hut

Sometimes enjoying your environment can be as simple as sitting out in your garden, soaking up the summer evenings. This set of lantern lights will make that experience last longer without increasing your electricity bill.

With 5.5 metres of solar string, it absorbs the sunlight during the day and then when night-time falls, the 10 colourful lanterns will shine bright allowing you to enjoy your outside space for longer.

Head for it

Gerber Bear Grylls Hands-Free Torch AAA Light w Battery Storage

Gerber Bear Grylls Hands-Free Torch

Price: £17

Website: Amazon

Whether you arrive at a campsite late and need to put up a tent in the dark or you're outdoors stargazing, and need a light to guide your way, this is a great little torch. It comes with an elasticated headband so other than turning it on, no hands are required.

The LED lights come with a high and low setting and you can pop a spare AAA battery in the pouch on the strap so you'll not be caught short.

The back of the torch is flat so if you do want to use it as a table

lamp for example, when camping, you can.

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Celestron Birders Starter Kit

Celestron Birders Starter Kit

Price: £39.99

Website: Maplin

Bird spotting has to be one of the most relaxing hobbies you can embark on. However if you're keen for a slice of the action, but don't know where to start, this box of treats can help.

Enclosed you'll find a pair of UpClose G2 Binoculars, soft carry case, strap and perhaps most helpfully a book - the Phillips Guide to Birds of Britain and Europe.

Whether you're sitting in your bedroom looking out the window or at a bird hide, these will do the trick.

In terms of the value of the binoculars, these are a good, solid pair with the quality you'd expect from Celestron. They give a sharp and bright view and because they're rubber coated they're comfortable to hold.

Scope it out

Natural History Museum Pocket Microscope

Natural History Museum Pocket Microscope

Price: £12.99

Website: Argos

Great for children, this pocket microscope is a perfect accessory for when you're outdoors. You could look at a leaf close up or perhaps you'll get lucky and a little creepy crawly will make its way onto one of the two specimen slides, so you can look at it in greater detail before it toddles off.

Whatever you choose to use the microscope for, it could turn an hour in the garden into an adventure. It's powered by three button cell batteries (provided) and will appeal to young, wannabe explorers.

Colouring in

Nature Trail Angle Head Torch

Nature Trail Angle Head Torch

Price: £5.95

Website: Amazon

Whether your child is interested in Christopher Columbus' voyages or perhaps just the latest adventures of Dora the Explorer, this torch will appeal.

Made for nature trails, it's a lightweight gizmo that's easy to carry and comes with a clip to attach to clothing or rucksacks.

What will really appeal to children are the coloured discs that come with it. There are three of them and they will make the torch glow in different colours (green, blue and red).

A good tool for getting younger members of the family (aged 3+) interested in nature.

OS Maps app

OS Maps app

Price: £3.99/£23.99 (month/year subscription)

Operating system: Android, Apple

If you're heading out for a relaxing ramble you want to make sure that you're not going too far off the beaten track. That's where this app comes in. The ordinance survey app allows you to set and follow routes as well as download maps so you're not using up your data when you're out and about.