Want to stay up to date on what the world’s movers and shakers are up to? Just head to their relevant Facebook pages and click Follow.


1: Stephen Hawking

The world’s best-known theoretical physicist joined Facebook recently, and already has almost two million Likes. Highlights include his musings on the universe, his enjoyment of the Starmus festival, and jokes about him being an alien.

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2: Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook’s founder has a big presence on the social network. Follow him for all the news on Facebook’s ever-evolving policies, and to be the first to hear about new features of the social network.

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Stephen Hawking FB

3 The British Monarchy

The Queen & Co are all over social media - Her Majesty recently sent her first tweet, to celebrate the opening of the Information Age exhibition of communications history at The Science Museum. See what else she’s up to here.

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4: 10 Downing Street

The office of the Prime Minister posts updates on schemes like Building Britain, receptions held at Downing Street, awards presented to outstanding individuals, and updates on crises like the Ebola epidemic.

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5: Science Museum

Find out what’s going on at the world’s premier destination for science fans young and old. New exhibitions, screenings, evening talks and discussions, and more, they’re all here.

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6: BBC iPlayer

The Beeb’s catch-up service is by far and away the best in the world. Follow this page to see what’s on, as well as what whizzy new features Auntie has added.

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7: Professor Brian Cox

Everyone’s favourite former keyboardist-turned-scientist posts plenty of links to interesting science articles, as well as pointing out when one of his TV shows is about to start.

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8: Coronation Street

Links galore, including to the new Corrie YouTube channel, where you can catch up on the action on ITV Player, plus plenty of quizzes and trailers. But be warned, there are a few plot spoilers too.

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Coronation Street Facebook

9: Peaky Blinders

Trailers, links to episodes on BBC iPlayer, news, exclusive photos… this page has it all. A must for fans of the gangster show.

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10: BT Sport

Follow BT Sport and you’ll see some of the best, worst and just plain wackiest football highlights ever. You’ll also be the first to find out what’s on.

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11: Royal Mail Stamps & Collectibles

Not only does this page tip you off about new stamp collections, it also reminisces about classic special editions, and links to merchandise like stamp pins.

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Royal Mail FB page

12: Google

Google is constantly inventing amazing new products and services, and its Facebook page is a handy place to catch up on them all. It also supports good causes, and explains what its Google doodles are in honour of.

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13: Lego

Who doesn’t love Lego? This page updates you on new products, seasonal tie-ins, and provides behind-the-scenes videos on some of the most amazing Lego creations ever made. Of course, it’s for the kids…

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14: Nasa

As well as news on projects and explorations, this page links to video conferences with space bigwigs, and photos that are literally out of this world.

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Lego Facebook page

15: Gadget Show Live

The UK’s biggest gadget fest will return to the Birmingham NEC in 2015. For updates on what to expect, not to mention the immense prizes you can win, check out the Facebook page.

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16: MIT

Massachusetts Institute of Technology is the one of the world’s premier universities for technology innovation and development. Here you can find out about the amazing research it does.

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17: Kickstarter

If the weekly email newsletter isn’t enough, you can follow Kickstarter on Facebook to see the best new projects. Pledge your cash, and they could be made a reality.

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Very British Problems FB

18: John Lewis

One of the UK’s favourite department stores posts plenty of vouchers on its Facebook page. It also gives you a longer warranty on Apple products than Apple does itself.

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19: Very British Problems

The Twitter phenomenon has spawned a book, which is now out in paperback. You can get your daily dose of awkwardness by following the Facebook page.

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20: Amazon UK

The online retailer’s Facebook page promotes offers and new products and services, and encourages customers to send in photos of their purchases. It also hosts competitions, so you might even win something.

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