Fast broadband: Why do you need it?

From movie downloads to video calls, discover the advantages of a fast broadband connection.

More and more devices can connect to the internet these days: phones, laptops, tablets, games consoles – even watches.

According to Ofcom, the average UK household owns four different types of internet-connected device, and two-thirds of 35 to 54-year-olds own a tablet. This means that people in the same household are often accessing the internet simultaneously for different things.

Opting for faster broadband such as BT Superfast Fibre Plus can make a huge difference.  Superfast Fibre Plus uses fibre-optic technology, which means it can send and receive data much more quickly than conventional broadband – allowing you to do more.

Here are 7 reasons why you need fast broadband.

1: Enjoy HD streaming

High-definition video is far superior to standard-definition – the picture is much clearer and more detailed. However, HD files are bigger than standard-definition ones, so opting to watch in high definition needs faster speed. Opting for faster broadband means you can stream at a higher rate, so you can enjoy amazing picture quality.

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2: Faster downloads

Whether you want to watch Guardians of the Galaxy from the BT Store on your BT TV box, or the latest episode of Eastenders on your tablet, opting for faster broadband means less time waiting for your favourite film or program to download.

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3: Multiple users

Want to stream an HD movie in the front room while your son or daughter plays Xbox Live in their bedroom – and even have someone taking a video call at the same time? Superfast broadband allows you to get a better experience when running more than one bandwidth-hungry application at the same time.

4: Faster web browsing

It can be incredibly frustrating waiting for internet pages to appear – and those with lots of photos and video can often take a few seconds to completely download. With faster broadband, image-heavy pages load more quickly, allowing you to quickly get the information you want.

Broadband dials

5: Gaming

Many gamers play Xbox Live or PlayStation Live, which involves real-time battles with people around the world. Ask any gamer and they’ll say fast broadband is essential for smoother gaming with less buffering, a split second can mean life or death in a shootout such as Call of Duty.

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6: Video calls

Video services such as Skype are a great way to keep in touch with relatives around the world. Faster broadband means less time waiting to connect and a smoother connection while you’re chatting, with less chance of the picture dropping out.

7: Backing up documents

Most of us document our lives these days with photos and videos – so it’s really important to back up your digital files. Cloud services such as BT Cloud are an easy solution – backing them up via wi-fi – and faster broadband speeds means you can upload these files quickly.

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