Complete Wi-Fi: The benefits of reliable wi-fi

Technology is evolving so fast, reliable wi-fi is essential to the modern family, discover how Complete Wi-Fi can help with blackspots and guarantees you a strong wi-fi signal.

Whether it’s watching TV, shopping online, playing games or making video calls - wi-fi is so important to modern living, it gives all family members the freedom to do what they love in every room of the house.  When it doesn’t work it’s frustrating - research from BT found that over half of people value being able to get online anywhere in their home, and wi-fi is so important, 52% are put off living in or buying a house with wi-fi black spots.*

Available for new Superfast and Ultrafast Fibre and existing BT Plus customers, Complete Wi-Fi delivers wall-to-wall coverage around your home and is backed by a guarantee you won’t get from any other broadband provider – the guarantee of a strong wi-fi signal in every room. Complete Wi-Fi has been awarded a Which? Best Buy.** The review commended the products performance: “It lives up to its claims of a strong, reliable speedy connection in every room of the home and rightly deserves our Best Buy recommendation.”

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Clever new Wi-Fi Discs extend your Smart Hub’s signal to every corner of the home - whatever the size and shape it is. So getting online from has never been easier

From basement to attic: Stream HD games and movies anywhere

The number of internet-connected devices in UK homes is increasing, each household has on average four different connected devices, such as a tablet, smartphone, computer or smart TV and this is predicted to rise to 50 by 2023.

This is changing the way we watch TV, 29% of all UK TV viewing are non-broadcast shows, from places like YouTube and Netflix, and over half of 16-34 year olds say they actually watch more non-broadcast shows.*** This puts more demand on our home wi-fi, but with Complete Wi-Fi you can watch shows on your favourite TV shows anywhere, as long as you’ve got a good wi-fi connection!

Streaming in HD means you get better picture quality but does require faster speeds, so if you have wi-fi issues or blackspots you may struggle to watch in rooms further away from your BT Smart Hub. With Complete Wi-Fi you could get faster wi-fi speeds so you should be able to stream HD anywhere in your home.****

Some of our customers have been trialling Complete Wi-Fi and it’s made a real difference: “I've managed to get wi-fi signal in the bedroom upstairs which was the furthest away from my Hub so the wi-fi disc has come in very handy,” another commented “It’s the best wi-fi I've ever had, I’ve got 3ft deep thick stone walls and can get full signal across the house.”

Save precious minutes - don't hang around waiting for your downloads   

Complete Wi-Fi can also improve the speed of your broadband at range. With Complete Wi-Fi you could get speeds up to 25% faster***** so you’ll find downloading the latest episode of your favourite TV show or uploading your holiday photos to Facebook is much quicker than before.

Say goodbye to family arguments and go online at the same time

Reliable wi-fi that reaches through your home is really important for families so everyone can go online independently without getting in each other’s way. Eight out of 10 households have a tablet and the biggest users are children under 10.

If wi-fi doesn’t perform as it should, it’s frustrating for the whole family and can cause arguments - one in eight (12%) of people admit to arguing at home about wi-fi.

But let’s not fall out about it, with Complete Wi-Fi your whole family can all go online at the same time. Say hello to a harmonious household!

Roam through your home without your signal dropping

With Complete Wi-FI we guarantee you’ll get a strong signal in every room: your phone or tablet will automatically and seamlessly swap between the new Smart Hub and the Wi-Fi Disc, depending which has the strongest signal                              

Spot a signal problem? Fix it from the palm of your hand

The Wi-Fi Manager in the My BT app gives you more control of your home network. Using the app you can check the signal strength in each room – it takes just 10 seconds. If the signal isn’t as strong in some rooms as it should be, follow the simple instructions on the app to change the location of the disc to get a better signal.

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*BT ‘Completing the Connection At Home’ report 2018. **Which? *** ****90% of people will get  HD coverage everywhere with just one disc *****A 4+ bedroom home could see an increase in wi-fi speeds of up to 25% around the home with just 1 Wi-Fi Disc


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