3 tips to stay safe online: Virus protection, parental controls and more

Discover how to keep your whole family safe online and get peace of mind.

We all know internet safety is important, but it doesn’t have to be as complicated as it sounds. With three easy steps you can keep your family and your files protected online:

  1. Safeguard your devices against malware attacks like viruses, phishing and ransomware
  2. Set up parental controls
  3. Protect your precious files and photos to BT Cloud

If you put all three steps in place, then you can be confident that your home network, your children and your precious files will be fortified against online threats.  These three features come as standard with BT Broadband, which is why we have the most comprehensive online security of any major UK broadband provider.

1. Protect your devices against viruses

Many online threats are hidden, so anyone can unwittingly click a link and download a program which could harvest personal information like passwords or even damage your machine.

Malware, spyware and computer viruses are an unfortunate part of life online, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend time worrying about them.

Once installed, a virus protection program will scan your PC’s hard drive for viruses, tracking cookies, spyware and adware. It works in the background to detect threats to your email and personal files and will send you a warning if it finds anything suspicious - so you can relax knowing you’re protected.

To help BT Broadband customers protect themselves against viruses, we developed BT Virus Protect with leading security company McAfee. It’s free to all our broadband customers, and protects up to 15 devices - including computers and Android phones and tablets.

2. BT Parental Controls: Keep your children safe online

The internet is a fantastic tool to help children learn and play - but there’s also a lot of adult content online that’s not suitable for little ones.

Parental controls can help you decide what your children can see and do online – giving you peace of mind that they’re not exposed to anything upsetting.

Most parental controls programs let you set filters for different online subjects and activities, so you can block your children from seeing things like pornography, hate, drugs, gambling and games - as well as things such as file sharing and media streaming.

With BT Parental Controls you can set Light, Moderate and Strict filters, and also use the homework filter to block the internet for specific time periods so your children aren’t on Facebook or playing games when they should be studying. If there’s a specific website you don’t want your child to visit, you can add it to your personal blocked list.  You can also customise the type of content you want filtered and set time of day controls for when you want parental controls turned on.

Once activated, BT Parental Controls works on devices that connect to your BT Home Hub - and if your child goes online at a BT Wi-Fi hotspot on a tablet, smartphone or laptop using your BT ID the filters still apply, so you can rest assured they’ll be protected online at home and away.

For more advice about keeping your children safe online BT recommends Internet Matters.

3: BT Cloud: Protect your precious digital files

Our devices are full of personal memories – photos and videos that are irreplaceable, as well as important documents we couldn’t live without.

Instead of keeping your digital files in one place and hoping for the best, emailing them to yourself, or manually saving them elsewhere – automatically backing them up with cloud software can make sure your files are protected.

We’ve developed BT Cloud so you can back up your files securely in the cloud, so if your computer breaks or you misplace your phone, you haven’t lost the things that truly matter.

BT Cloud use encryption to ensure your data stays private and it works across your gadgets including, phones, tablets and laptops, so you can access your files anywhere in the world you have an internet connection.

We’re the only internet service provider to offer cloud storage for all our broadband customers. You’ll get up to 1000GB storage space free depending on your broadband package – that’s enough room for 2 million photos.

Get started with our safety products in My BT by clicking the link below, look for Package and Included Extras in the top menu bar.

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