Lisa Snowdon: ‘Wi-fi is crucial in my life’

The TV and radio presenter and model discusses how she uses wi-fi during the day – and why a fast connection is crucial.

Lisa Snowdon is a busy lady and like many of us, she uses technology a lot during the day.

We caught up with Lisa at the launch of the BT Smart Hub, which includes the UK’s most powerful wi-fi signal*, to talk about how the importance wi-fi has in her day to day life.

“Wi-fi is crucial in my life - I’m always on my computer or on my phone downloading music constantly. Radio and music have been a big part of my life, so I always want to be kept up to date with the latest tunes - getting them on my device as quick as possible.”

“In the morning, getting on the tube or the train and being able to download your newspaper super quick before you get out of the house, I get my Ted Talks on my phone and that kind of thing.”

The star, who came third in Strictly Come Dancing earning plaudits for her Foxtrot, admits to being a massive photo taker, who enjoys sharing her pictures online.

“I’m always on Instagram and making photo books online, I really do need that powerful strong connection - super speedy.”

Lisa Snowdon BT Smart Hub

Lisa says its frustrating trying to stream something when it’s buffering and you have to be in a certain room, which is why wi-fi is so crucial. “Peaky Blinders is my new favourite thing…. It’s nice to be able to walk around with your device and not have to stay in one area.”

The BT Smart Hub is the first router from any major UK broadband provider to include seven antennas, which give it a bigger wireless range, so you can get fast wi-fi in more places through your house.

Working in the background to help performance, BT Smart Scan technology automatically chooses the channel with the least congestion.

The BT Smart Hub is available now, find out more.

*Compared to routers from other major broadband providers in the UK

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