BT Plus: Get faster broadband, more data and our Complete Wi-Fi guarantee

With BT Plus, choose us for Fibre and 4G and you can enjoy some fantastic benefits, including 5G later this year. Here’s everything you need to know.

BT Plus is the UK’s first converged Fibre and 4G offering to give you our best connection in and out of your home.

BT Plus is available to new and existing broadband customers. Join us for fibre broadband and your mobile phone, and you get much more from your plan. Enjoy brilliant benefits such as faster speeds, extra data, and with our Keep Connected Promise we’ll get you back online quickly if your broadband stops working. With Complete Wi-Fi we're the only broadband provider to guarantee a strong wi-fi signal in every room of your home.

1: Faster speeds: With Superfast Fibre Plus you’ll get speeds on average six times faster than our standard broadband.

With Ultrafast Fibre Plus you can enjoy speeds on average 14 times faster than our standard broadband. We’re the only broadband provider with a 100Mbps speed guarantee or you can claim £20 compensation.*

Choose us for mobile as well and you can enjoy the fastest available 4G speeds on our network.

2: Extra data: With BT Plus you get unlimited monthly usage on your broadband.

On mobile you get double data on all the mobile plans you have with us with us every month. You’ll also get a 20% discount on any additional Family SIM.

3: Keep Connected Promise: In the unlikely event there's a problem with your broadband and you report a fault, we’ll send you a Mini Hub straightaway, which uses a mobile signal to help your devices go online at no extra cost.

If you’ve got mobile with us, within an hour of reporting the fault, we’ll switch on free unlimited data on all your phones so you can stay connected.

4: Dedicated UK and Ireland-based support: Available to help.**

5: Free BT Wi-fi: You’ll also be able to get online at 5 million BT Wi-Fi hotspots around the UK.

6: 5G: If you are a BT Plus customer, you’ll be able to enjoy ultra-fast mobile speeds with 5G when it comes to BT Mobile this autumn - as we bring you the best connection in and out of home. Register your interest

Complete Wi-Fi: Get wall-to-wall coverage around you home

Complete Wi-Fi is our new offering available to BT Plus customers, delivering wall-to-wall coverage around your home and is backed by a guarantee you won’t get from any other broadband provider – the guarantee of a strong wi-fi signal in every room.***

Clever new Wi-Fi Discs extend your Smart Hub’s signal to every corner of the home - whatever the size and shape it is. So getting online from has never been easier.

Unlike wi-fi extenders you can buy on the high street, Complete Wi-Fi technology creates a single, smart network in your home by connecting Wi-Fi Discs with your next generation Smart Hub. Your devices will automatically connect to the hub or disc with the strongest signal, guaranteeing a flawless wi-fi connection.

With Complete Wi-FI, not only will you get wall-to-wall coverage, you’ll also get faster wi-fi speeds so you should be able to stream HD content anywhere in your home.  A 4+ bedroom home could see an increase in wi-fi speeds of up to 25% around the home with just 1 Wi-Fi Disc.

If you’ve got BT Plus, you can get Complete Wi-Fi now for just £5 a month, just sign up via My BT. It’s also available for new Superfast and Ultrafast Fibre customers for £10 a month. Sign up and we’ll send you our new generation Smart Hub and one Wi-Fi Disc.

Do I need to have my mobile with you to get Plus?

No, you can get BT Plus if you only have fibre broadband with us. However you won’t enjoy mobile benefits such as double data each month on each mobile and our fastest 4G service or free unlimited data on all your phones in the event your broadband stops working.

Do I need a new contract?

Yes, if you are already with us, you’ll need a new contract. 

How do I get BT Plus?

If you are already a BT Broadband customer, discover more about moving to BT Plus here.

Find out more about the benefits of BT Plus

* Speed guarantee: Up to four claims per year. Check your speed using the MyBT app, at or by calling 0800 150 150. Excludes outages, connection faults and home wiring outside of BT’s control. You’ll receive a £20 prepaid gift card within 30 days of a successful claim. Activate within 90 days.** We will have a dedicated support team in UK and Ireland on hand to help. Make sure you either ring us on 150 from your landline or BT Mobile, or enter your landline number when prompted. We'll recognise you're a Plus customer straightaway and put you through to the right team. There may be exceptional circumstances where we have to route your call outside of the UK and Ireland to deal with your call quicker. “93% of calls dealt with in UK and Ireland, some specialist teams are located offshore ***With Complete Wi-Fi we’ll automatically send you our new generation Smart Hub and one Wi-Fi Disc to extend your wi-fi signal around your home. This is enough for most homes to get a signal everywhere.  But if this doesn’t give you signal in every room, we’ll send up to two more Wi-Fi Discs free of charge. If you still don’t have signal in every room, you can get £20 back.

Visit for full terms and conditions

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