What to do if your broadband stops working

Problems with your home broadband? Don’t panic, we show you how to fix them.

Home broadband is seen as a necessity for many people, as a way of working, staying in touch and accessing great entertainment.

There may be times when your broadband doesn’t work quite as it should – it could slow down or stop working altogether. Here’s what to do if you have problems with your home broadband.

Check your service status

The first step is to find out if there are problems in your area, or whether the problem is unique to you.

Visit the Service status page and enter your telephone number to check for broadband issues in your local area.

BT Service Status screenshot

You can also check the status across the UK. In the box underneath click Broadband and Email to find out if there are any service issues across the UK and the estimated time of resolution.

Fix or report problems with your broadband

BT has a wealth of information online you can check out at www.bt.com/help/home/broadband.html.

BT Broadband help

There's also an online troubleshooter, which is the best place to start to find a solution to your problem.

Launch the troubleshooter here. You'll need to log in to get started.

The first question the troubleshooter will ask is if you’d like to Fix broadband problem or Test my broadband speed.

As you continue through the other questions, the troubleshooter will ask you to run certain checks to try and solve the problem.

If a solution can’t be found, you’ll be able to book an engineer appointment.

BT Troubleshooter

If you can’t connect to your BT broadband, use your mobile phone’s data plan to access BT Broadband help.

Check your broadband speed

If your broadband is working but is slower than usual, you may need to test the speed of the line.

Do this online using BT’s broadband speed checker - you’ll need to log in using your BT ID.

How to improve slow broadband speed

If your broadband still seems slow, there are some steps you can perform that might make it go faster. Our help page: Five steps to improve slow BT Broadband’ is packed with useful tips.

Help with your BT Hub

If you think the problem relates to your BT router, check out the BT Hub help pages.

Click the drop-down menu next to your model of Hub for information on restarting the device and how the lights on the hub can help you identify any issues with the device. 

To upgrade your broadband to BT Infinity 1 and discover more about BT’s broadband offerings, visit BT Products and Services.

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