Web browser tips: How to zoom in

Stop straining your eyes all the time and use your web browser's zoom feature instead.

Your web browser is probably the thing you use most on your PC; in fact, you’re almost certainly using one to read this article right now. That’s why it’s important to make sure your web browser works just how you want it to, whether you’re using Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Firefox.
We’ll show you how to make the small tweaks that make a difference. This week, we make what you see on your web browser clearer by showing you how to zoom.
Watch the videos for each web browser below:

How to zoom on Firefox

How to zoom on Internet Explorer

How to zoom on Google Chrome

How to zoom on Microsoft Edge

If you're comfortable with keyboard shortcuts, there's an even quicker way which works on all web browsers - simply click the CTRL button and the + button.
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