BT Email explained: Email vs BT ID, how to give away email addresses and more

Are you making the most of your BT Email? We talk you through the basics and explore how to use your extra email addresses.

Whether you are using a phone or computer, email lets you keep in touch with friends and family and manage your online life, wherever you are.

You might not realise, but as a BT Email customer you can create extra email addresses to give to people you know, such as your spouse or child, or you could even set up a secondary account for shopping!

This can be done using our email management page and for advice on how to do this, keep on reading. Before we start, we’ll answer some common questions you might have about your BT Email.

What is a BT ID?

Your BT ID username is what you use to log into our services, it’s typically the email address you will have been given when you set up your account, unless you’ve got an older account, in which case you may be using another suppliers email address.

You'll need a BT ID to manage your account via My BT and it works on all our online services, as well as our extras like Cloud and Wi-Fi and with our apps - so you only have to remember one email address and password.

What is a BT email address?

When you join us for broadband, you can use our free email. Once your new broadband service is up and running, you’ll need your BT ID to log into My BT and set it up. The first time you use it, you’ll be asked to select an email address, which will end in You can use this to send and receive emails by logging in at

BT email is also available as a paid for service called Standalone (Premium) email. This works exactly the same as the free email you get with broadband from BT, but you have to pay for it.

Your BT ID and BT email address may be the same, depending how you set up your account.

Account Holder and Account Manager explained

As a BT Email customer, you’ll be given one of two ‘roles’ that determine how much control you have over your account. If the household BT account is in your name and you pay the bills,  you are the Account Holder, but if someone else pays the bill and gives you access to their account you are the Account Manager, find out about the differences.

If you are the Account Holder you’ll have more control over your account, including setting up email for other people. This is done from the Manage your email page, where you go to manage all aspects of your account.

Manage your email: What can you do?

The mail management page within My BT is where you go to manage all aspects of your email account. Log in at Then under Package look for ‘Included extras’.

Screenshot BT Mail Your includd extras

Here we’ll talk through the basic features of the email management page and what you can do.

See how many email addresses you’ve used and their current status: With BT Email you can have up to 11 email address on one billing account.

Create a new email address: Here you can create additional email addresses for yourself or another person. Find out more

Set one of your email addresses as a Favourite: This should be the account you use the most. Once you’ve done this and log into My BT and click Email, you’ll be taken straight to that inbox. You may have already selected a Favourite, but if you haven’t you’ll see an option to do so when you launch this page.

BT Email management page

Reactivate an email address: If an email address you use has been barred because you’ve not used it, you’ll be able to reactivate it from here. Find out more

Delete or de-link email addresses: If you no longer need an email address you can delete it. And if you’ve given an email address to another person and no longer want it linked to your account you can de-link it from here too. Find out more

Add other email addresses: If you’ve got another BT email address that’s not linked to your broadband account, provided you’ve not used all of the 11 slots, you can move this across. If you’re a Premium email customer this will save you paying for your email or you may have been using an email address linked to someone else’s account and now have your own broadband service. Just look for the Import option in the ‘Manage your email’ page. Find out more

Log into My BT and start managing your email

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