34 Google Home ‘Easter eggs’ to make you laugh

Got Google’s home-based assistant/speaker, Google Home? Try out these hidden commands and see how it responds.

Google Home is a speaker that doubles as a personal assistant, just like the Amazon Echo. While the Echo is powered by Alexa, Amazon’s personal assistant, Google Home has the Google Assistant as its brains, and can perform all manner of tasks like syncing to your smart home devices, playing music and reading you the weather forecast.

It can also be silly. Very silly. Ask it any of these ‘Easter eggs’ (so-called because they’re hidden features that Google doesn’t advertise, like the prizes on an Easter egg hunt), and it’ll give you a funny answer.

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Each of these should be preceded by the phrase “OK Google” to get Google Home’s attention. Don’t have Google Home? Download the Google Allo app to your smartphone or tablet and ask the same questions of Google Assistant – it’s the same software that powers Google Home, so the answers should be the same.

“Make me a sandwich.”

“How old are you?”

“Make me laugh.”

“What am I thinking right now?”

“Do you ever get tired?”

“What is your quest?”

 “What’s brown and sounds like a bell?”

“What did my cat say?”

“Tell me about Alexa.”

“Are you friends with Alexa/Cortana/Siri?”

“Are you feeling lucky?”

“Can you rap?”

“Sing a song.”

“Sing ‘Happy Birthday’.”

“Wubba lubba dub dub.”

“Up, up, down, down, left, right, B, A.”

“Do you like Star Trek or Star Wars?”

“Aren’t you a little short for a stormtrooper?”

“Set phasers to kill.”

“What is the loneliest number?”

“Here comes dat boi.”

“Who’s the fairest of them all?”

“Where’s Waldo?”

“What’s cooler than being cool?”

“Is the cake a lie?”

“Who would win in a fight between Superman and Batman?”

“Entertain me.”

“Surprise me.”

“Give me a random number between X and Y.” Replace ‘X’ and ‘Y’ with numbers of your own choosing.

“Read a poem.”

“Bark like a dog.”

“Do you speak Morse code?”

“Do a barrel roll.”

“What are the three laws of robotics?”

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