Kickstarter has successfully funded more than 94,000 projects since it was founded in 2009, helping bedroom inventors and small businesses kick-start their projects.

If you’ve not heard of Kickstarter, it’s a crowd-funding platform that enables the public to financially back new ideas for rewards and help make them a reality.  

Inventors ask for a certain amount and if they don’t reach the investment goal within a deadline, they don’t get a penny.

So far, 128 Kickstarter projects have gained upwards of $1million – but not all of them get off the ground.

We’ve already seen entrepreneurs pitch their ideas on Dragon’s Den, but now amateur investors have a chance to muscle in as well on Dave’s new show The Money Pit, which airs on Thursday, October 29 at 7.30pm.

But will they invest in a hit or miss like these notable Kickstarter campaigns?

High: Pebble smartwatches


Smartwatches are all the rage at the moment, and people power prevailed in 2012 when Pebble’s smartwatch achieved the best backing possible – from consumers.

Traditional investors weren’t interested in Pebble but 68,928 other people were, who collectively helped the company raise a stonking $10,266,844.

The Pebble Time went a step further in 2015, gaining $20,338,986 of support to become the most funded Kickstarter to date.

Low: Eye3


People thought that the Eye3 camera drone helicopter sounded too good to be true in 2012, and so too did Kickstarter which suspended the campaign.

Makers were accused of photoshopping images and copying existing products.

As it was suspended, the 72 backers who pledged $78,481 were refunded.

High: Exploding Kittens

Exploding Kittens

According to Exploding Kittens’s tagline, this is “a card game for people who are into kittens and explosions and laser beams and sometimes goats”.

Sound barmy?  Well, it became the most backed campaign on Kickstarter ever with 219,382 backers who pledged a total of $8,782,571.

Low: Kobe Red

Kobe Beef Jerky

Kobe’s promise of beef-based jerky, made with 100% organic feed- and beer-fed Japanese cows was enough to make over 3,000 backer’s stomachs rumble, but the whole thing turned out to be a scam.

Hours before the campaign was due to end and $118,000 over the goal, Kickstarter pulled the project.

High: OUYA


Gamers loved OUYA so much, that they pledged a total of $8,596,474 back in August 2012.

The device was a videogame console based on the Android operating system used on tablets and smartphones. It was bought by bigger gaming firm Razer earlier this year.

Low: Björk’s Biophilia App


Björk did actually create an app for her album Biophilia – but not thanks to Kickstarter.

The project wanted £375,000 so they could bring the app to Android and Windows 8. However, it was cancelled after only receiving £15,370 within ten days.

But despite the low uptake on Kickstarter, Björk’s team found a quicker and cheaper way to covert the app for Android elsewhere.

High: The Veronica Mars Movie

Veronica Mars

Fans of US TV show Veronica Mars had long been clamouring for its return, until finally a Kickstarter campaign was made to get it on the road – at least, as a one-off film anyway.

Funding reached $5,702,153 and stars including lead actress Kristen Bell agreed to return.

Low: Darci’s Walk of Shame

Keen to further her career and shake off her Sabrina the Teenage Witch image, actress Melissa Joan Hart set out to fund her own movie on Kickstarter.

“An impulsive act has Darci face enormous hurdles to get back to her sister’s wedding & avoid her family witness her first walk of shame,” the movie’s description teased.

But the project ended up taking its own walk of shame, as only $51,605 was raised from a goal of $2million.

High: Coolest Cooler

The Coolest Cooler is the strangest assortment of picnic gadgetry you’ll ever see – not only is it a cooler, but it’s a waterproof speaker which features charging ports for your phone and tablet, a blender, an LED lid light and even more.

Inventor Ryan Grepper managed to raise $13,285,226, thanks to 62,642 backers.

Low: Skarp laser razor


A razor that burns hairs off your face using a laser sounded like a good idea so it’s no surprise that $4million was raised.

However, Kickstarter decided to suspend the project, saying it was “in violation of our rule requiring working prototypes of physical products that are offered as rewards”.

That didn’t stop its creators though. They’ve since moved their project to Kickstarter rival Indiegogo.

High: BauBax


Much like the Coolest Cooler, BauBax features some nifty extras that you wouldn’t expect to find in a travel jacket.

It has 15 features in all, including a built-in neck pillow, eye mask, gloves, earphone holders, drink pocket as well as several pockets for devices.

44,949 people pledged $9,192,055, making BauBax the most funded clothing project in crowdfunding history.

Low: Yogventures


Many games are developed through Kickstarter but sometimes the final product never sees the day of light – even with a decent funding balance.

Yogventures is one such example – it raised $567,665 but ran out of money during development. No one was able to get a refund, so they were offered free copies of another game instead.


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