How to get started on SoundCloud – a beginner’s guide to the online audio platform

SoundCloud is great for discovering new music and promoting your own songs and podcasts. Here's how to get started.

SoundCloud is an online music player that has the accolade as the world’s largest music and audio platform, according to the company.

It features music and podcasts, and since its launch in 2008 has kick-started many musicians' own careers. Follow our beginner’s guide to getting started on SoundCloud.

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1.Get an SoundCloud account


Go to and click Create account in the top right hand corner. You can either choose to login with your Facebook or Google account, which is easier but means SoundCloud will have access to certain bits of information on that account.

Or you can create a separate SoundCloud profile by entering your email address.

You then have to create a password and answer some personal details including a profile name. Remember to check your inbox to confirm your

2. Follow your favourite artists

To create your Stream, which is the equivalent to a social media feed, you need to follow artists, labels or friends on SoundCloud.

To do that type the artist’s name into the search bar then click People on the left hand side and then click Follow.

Follow artists

Obviously if you typed a track, album or playlist you would adjust what you typed in down the side. There are also suggested Who to follow on the right hand side of the home page which is good for expanding your feed.

3. Add podcasts to your feed

Soundcloud isn’t just music, but it’s podcasts too. You can add your favourite podcasts in the same way that you followed an artist, for example the QI podcast – No Such Thing As A Fish – was found by typing the name into the search bar.


4. Play the hits

Soundcloud has a Charts section where you can listen to the Top 50, New & Hot in the United Kingdom, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands, New Zealand and USA. You can also pick your music genre.

To do this, click on Charts and then choose what hits you want to listen to.


5. Discover new music

SoundCloud is great for finding new music, and it’s super easy to do so. Just click Discover on the top of the page and your new favourite bands will be lined up ready for you to enjoy.

6. Upload your own music


If you’re a budding musician and want others to share your own music, you can upload your own content to the site.

Click Upload in the top right hand corner and then click Choose a file to upload.

Once selected you then have to give it a Title, Genre, Additional tags (for example the type of music, when you would listen to it) and Description. Then select Public or Private depending on whether you want others to hear your tunes.

Then click Save and you should see a confirmation page saying Upload complete.

For more information on how to set yourself up as an artist on Soundcloud, look at the site’s own guide.

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