Using cameras mounted on snow mobiles, bikes, intrepid trekkers and on top of cars, Google Street View has managed to cover a surprisingly large expanse of the planet.

Sending the photographs back to the team of Google, the images are stitched together to create a 360 degree view, which you can access through the internet.

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We have chosen some of the best places to explore using this technology and show you some of the cameras behind it.

What is Google Street View?

It’s a 360-degree explorer service, run through Google Maps, that allows you to travel all around the world through your preferred browser.

To develop this fantastic software, Google has used sophisticated cameras and sent them all up mountains, through deserts and into palaces to create Google Street View.

To view Google Street View on a computer, launch Google Maps, click where you want to go and then use the little orange man to access the location. Full instructions can be found through the link below or watch the 

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Where has Google Street View covered?


The map above shows where Google has been – the blue areas are where Street View has been.

If you click this link here - - you can also see where Google is going next.

In the UK, the plan is to finish covering Greater London by March 2018. 

What cameras are used to capture Google Street View?

The first bit of technology used is one you may have seen driving around near where you live, and that’s the Street View car which has the Google Maps branding all over it and a camera perched on top.


There’s also a portable version of the camera that can be used to explore places that are not accessible by car. It’s a backpack that has the camera system on top and the kit has been taken to 23 incredible locations so far.


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Click on the link above to find out how to use Google Street View Trekker, or go directly to the page here -

Google Maps have even put the camera on a bike, and someone used it to film around Weston-Super-Mare in Somerset.


With Street View, you can also see inside museums and galleries around the world. To film in these places, Google use a Street View Trolley which can fit through doors and glide around sculptures and other artwork.


The cameras have also been put on snow mobiles to go over icy ground, such as the Whistler Blackcomb Mountain.

Places to explore on Google Street View

There are some beautiful landscapes to explore through the technology, including landscapes and the inside of palaces around the world.

We have gathered just a few here to get you started on where to go. Click on this link to see the full list - - where you can also explore by country to see the nation’s highlights.

International Space Station

Day of the Dead in Mexico

Games of Thrones Locations

Pembrokeshire Coast Path

Machu Picchu

Taj Mahal

Sydney Opera House

Northern Lights, Finland

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