Google Street View is a useful and fascinating web resource for seeing places around the world that you may otherwise never set eyes on, whether it’s the Grand Canyon National Park, volcanoes around Hawaii or even somewhere closer to home such as Manchester and London.

Street View cars have cameras mounted on them that capture 360-degree images which let us navigate through their virtual streets for free online or through smartphone apps.

But as well as taking pictures of streets across the world, the Street View cars also capture houses, cars and the faces of passers-by. Personal features like faces, registration plates and house numbers are normally blurred out, but if you’ve spotted yourself or your property on Street View and would rather it was not online, you can ask Google to blur the image by watching the video below and following the simple instructions further down.

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Step 1: Locate the object you want removed

Go to Google Maps and search the location of the object you want removed in the top left box.

Google Street View

Once the location is found, click the Street View image below.

Google Street View

When Street View has loaded, navigate until the object you wish to blur is in view. Then, click the small Send feedback link in the bottom right of your screen.

Google Street View

Step 2: Report the object to Google

A new window will load with a smaller version of Street View and some boxes to fill out.

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First, align Street View once again so that what you want removed is inside the red box, zooming if necessary using the scroll on a mouse for PC.

Google Street View

Below, fill out the boxes stating what you would like to blur out – you don’t need to fill out the Report image quality part.

Provide your email address so Google can inform you when the image has been blurred out and tick the reCAPTCHA verification, followed by the blue Submit button.

Google Street View

Then you’ll have to wait for Google to approve your request.

Have you spotted your face on Google Street View? Did you manage to successfully take it down? Let us know in the Comments section below.

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