Explore Harry Potter's world with Google and the British Library

Google Arts & Culture has taken the hugely popular British Library exhibition online.

The British Library's exhibition, Harry Potter: A History of Magic, showed how JK Rowling created the magical world of Harry Potter and his friends that has enchanted so many people across the globe.

The London institution used its unique and extensive archive to show enchanted objects from history that are referenced in the books – for instance how to create a Philosopher’s Stone or take Herbology lessons.

If you missed the exhibition in the capital you can now explore it with Google Arts & Culture from the comfort of your favourite browser.

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Go to this website - https://artsandculture.google.com/project/harry-potter-a-history-of-magic. Or use these iOS and Android apps.

Once there you can read how the lead curator of the exhibition, Julian Harrison, brought Hogwarts to the British Library with a Q&A and images of the exhibits.

Harrison said the exhibition, which was hugely successful but whch finished in February, proved that “interest in magic is a real global phenomenon, and has fascinated people for thousands of years”.

You can also explore the Divination Room in 360 degrees on Google Maps.

divination room

There are fascinating behind-the-scenes looks at Rowling’s drafts of the novels, including a handwritten chapter 17 of The Philosopher’s Stone which shows edits and deletions in biro.

You can explore in detail the sketches created by Jim Kay for the illustrated editions of the novels. You can see the sketches and zoom in and out of the final pictures.

care of magical creatures

The amazing exhibits, such as the Ripley Scroll, can be explored in great detail alongside commentary from the curators. Learn about how this six-metre long document describes how to make the fabled Philospher’s Stone.

Just click on this link to take you to all the online exhibits.  

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(Top image courtsey of British Library)

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