If you’ve got elderly relatives that live far away, for peace of mind you want to know they are safe, without being too intrusive.

Canary Care lets you keep an eye on your relatives by providing insights into their daily routine, so you can remotely spot any changes that could indicate a problem.

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How does Canary Care work?

Canary Care works by using discreet wireless sensors that are placed around the home. The sensors gather information about daily routine, temperature, door activity and the time and duration of carer visits - which provides tangible insights about wellbeing.

Notifications are pushed securely via email or text to family, friends or carers for things such as:

  • ‘front door was opened’
  • ‘temperature dropped below 21 degrees Celsius in the lounge’
  • ‘no movement has been detected in the kitchen’
  • ‘visitor card ‘Care Company’ was used at 9am’

You can see your loved one’s daily routine remotely and set rules to notify you when things are out of the ordinary.  For example, you could be informed via text or email if your loved one has not left the bedroom by 10am, has not been in the living room by 1pm or if the front door is opened during the night. These settings can be changed at any time.

You can also set up a group so multiple people can keep track including, family, friends and carers.

The email notifications and user dashboard allow you to keep track without being intrusive. There are no cameras or microphones.

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Helping maintain independence at home

Canary Care is perfect if you’re worried that your relative or friend isn’t coping as well as they used to.

This technology allows you to spot things early. Has your relative started visiting the toilet a lot more frequently in the night? Have they not been into the kitchen for a few days? Or has the fridge not been opened? Using motion and door sensors Canary Care can spot those things.

Canary is about prevention, early intervention, evidence-based and appropriate care, particularly with those illnesses that are hard to spot without round-the-clock care.

Canary Care in kitchen with family

Martin lives 150 miles away from his father. He says Canary Care saved his dad’s life:

“Each morning when I wake up and turn on my iPhone I get three Canary emails. One tells me that my father has got up once in the night (‘movement detected in bedroom at ‘xx’ am’), one tells me that he has got up the next morning (‘movement detected in bedroom at ‘xx’ am’) and one telling me that the temperature has risen above 25 degrees (this is my father cooking his breakfast in the kitchen). These emails provide remote reassurance that my father is sticking to his normal routine.

“A few weeks ago I woke up as normal and turned on my iPhone – no Canary emails. I immediately logged into Canary and from the activity charts could see that the reason there had been no emails was that my father had never left the lounge from the night before.

“I immediately called a neighbour who was able to get into the house and found my father unconscious in the lounge. Paramedics were called and he was admitted to hospital with an infection. He came out several days later and has recovered.”

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Canary is being used across the UK in various care settings:

  • Supporting those with dementia
  • Helping people come home from hospital safely, and with their recovery
  • Supporting Domiciliary carers
  • Helping local authorities to support their older residents
  • By housing associations and groups to support residents they care for
  • Supporting those living in the community with mental health issues or learning difficulties

Canary Care set up

Canary Care set up and costs

Canary is very simple to set up without professional help or DIY expertise – all you need to do is follow the installation instructions and you can set Canary up in minutes.

There is no need for aerials, wi-fi, or internet connection in the person’s house.

The Canary Premium Package costs £348 from BT Shop:

  • Canary Care Wireless Hub and power supply
  • 4 x motion and temperature sensors
  • 2 x door sensors
  • 1 x visitor smartcard
  • Contact strips for affixing sensors
  • Batteries included for all 6 sensors
  • Getting Started Guide

Canary System requires a monthly subscription, which costs £18 a month. Find out more.

Canary Care is available from the BT Shop.

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