How to block annoying game invites on Facebook

Fed up with Farmville? Does Candy Crush drive you crazy? Here’s how to put a stop to those annoying Facebook game invitations for good.

Facebook has a huge and thriving gaming community, with thousands of free games to play online such as sweet-popping puzzle Candy Crush Saga and agricultural sprout-em-up Farmville.

People playing Facebook games have the option to invite others to play. If any of your friends are gamers, you’ll know the routine: you get an alert on your phone, and think it’s a message when in fact it’s an invitation to play a game.

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If this happens several times a day it can be incredibly annoying. But there’s no need to defriend your candy crushing friend – just turn off Facebook's game invitations instead. Here's how.

Step 1: Go into the Game section

Facebook games

Launch Facebook on your PC or Mac’s browser and select See More from the column on the left handside. Click on the Games section and then click on Game Store.

Facebook Games - game section

You can scroll down to view the games your friends and other Facebookers are playing, but as you’re here to block game invites, head to the top of the page and click Activity.

Step 2: Ignoring game requests

Facebook screenshot ignoring game requests

In the top left, click Invitations and you’ll see outstanding invitations from Friends. Find the game invitation you want to block and click the small cross to the left of the Accept button.

A pop-up box will appear with the option to: ‘Block Candy Crush Saga?’ or whatever the game’s title is. Click that to block all requests relating to that game (top pic).

Under this it says ‘Ignore all requests from User Name’. Click that and you won’t be sent any game invitations from that person (bottom pic).

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Step 3: Block individual games

Facebook ban individual games

If you get numerous requests to play the same game or you want to pre-emptively block requests, it’s possible to block request from individual games.

Going back to the Games section of your Facebook page, find the game, click on it and when that game’s information screen appears, click Block. A pop-up box appears confirming you want to block the app. Click Confirm and you won’t get any more invitations or requests for that game.

Step 4: Block invites from a friend

Facebook block game invites from a friend

If you’ve got a Facebook friend who is a serial offender when it comes to sending app invites, you can block all game invites from them.

Click the small down arrow on the top right of your Facebook page and click Settings.

From the left-hand panel, select Blocking, look for Block app invites and start typing the name of the person you want to block into the Block invites from field. As you start typing, your friends’ names will appear. Select the one you want to block.

You can unblock them later by returning to the Manage blocking page and clicking the Unblock next to their name. Let's hope they've learned their lesson.

Step 5: Turn off apps and games

Facebook turn off apps and games 1

If you really don’t want any game invitations you can turn Platform off. This removes posts by apps and games from your Timeline and means you won’t be able to log into games using Facebook.

Click the small down arrow to the top right of your Facebook page and select Settings. Now select Apps from the left-hand column

Look down for Apps, Websites and Plugin. It should say Enabled. Click Edit.

Facebook Turn Platform Off

A box entitled Turn Platform Off will appear. Click Disable Platform and you won’t receive any app notifications or invites.

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