Facebook has rolled out two versions of its news feed, but you may not have realised as the second one is hidden away and only recently available on desktop.

You still have your feed with all your friends and family updates, but if you use the Explore Feed you see content that Facebook thinks you will enjoy and so spend more time on the site.

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For instance, if you have previously liked football content it may suggest a feature article on an upcoming game, or if all your friends have shared a news article it will show it to you too. This means it’s great when you’re looking for some interesting stuff to read or the latest cat video you may have missed out on.

The feed has been in testing period for some time, but is now available on mobile and desktop. Facebook confirmed to TechCrunch that the feature was no longer being tested and was now rolling out to the site’s users worldwide.

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How to find Facebook’s Explore Feed 

After you have logged into Facebook click on See More button at the bottom of the left hand menu.

Facebook Explore see more

In the menu that drops down you need to click on Explore Feed which has a red rocket icon next to it.

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Facebook Explore second screenshot

The alternative feed will then appear with articles, videos, clips and other content based on your likes and interests, and those of your friends.

Facebook explore feed final

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