It’s really important to back up your digital photographs and videos, you can do this using a hard drive, but it’s possible to do this automatically using a cloud application such as BT Cloud.

Backing up your files to the cloud means that they’re safe and secure on an external server. It means that you’ll never lose your previous photos, videos and documents; even if your computer or smartphone goes missing or gets damaged.

It also means you can securely access your content from anywhere with an internet connection – if you’re out and about and realise you need to check a document or photograph on your home computer, then providing it’s backed up to the cloud you can log in from your phone or any computer to find what you need.

There are dozens of computing, smartphone and tablet apps that use the cloud. For instance, if you watch a TV program from BBC iPlayer or video from YouTube, you are streaming from the cloud.

Now is a good time to start keeping your music and photos safe using BT’s very own Cloud service.

Different devices using the cloud

BT Cloud can be used for backing up and storing photographs, videos, music and much more. If you are a BT Broadband customer, you are entitled to free storage with BT Cloud. From July 2016, BT increased the capacity to either 50GB or 500GB, depending on your package.

Using BT Cloud to upload or download your files does not count towards data usage on your BT Broadband.

The cloud offers many advantages:

  • Instead of using space on your device, you can store files like photos and videos elsewhere.
  • It works across multiple devices – once you’ve stored a document in the cloud, you can access it on a phone, tablet or computer, typically via an app.
  • In the event of a hardware failure, you’ve got a back-up you can access from another device, such as a phone or tablet.
  • The cloud is secure. Data stored on BT Cloud is protected by EU privacy laws. You also retain copyright over your photos and files.

How to set up BT Cloud

Here’s how to set up BT Cloud. We've used a PC, to find comprehensive guides for setting it up using a Mac, smartphone or tablet visit the BT Cloud FAQ pages.

Step 1: Download BT Cloud

How to get BT Cloud 1

Go to and log in using your BT ID and password, then click My BT.

Scroll down the page to MyExtras - BT Cloud and click to register.


Step 2: Install the application

How to get BT Cloud 2

BT Cloud will automatically download onto your computer. Locate your Downloads folder – if you are using Windows, click C+J.

Click Run to install BT Cloud and Run again if prompted. Accept the licence terms to continue.


Step 3: Logging in to BT Cloud

How to get BT Cloud 3

Before you can start using the application, you’ll need to log on using your BT ID and password.

A box will appear asking you if you want to Start Tour or Continue set-up. Press the latter.


Step 4:  Name your device

How to get BT Cloud 4

Follow the onscreen set-up guide, which will ask you first if you want to name your device.

This is useful if you intend to use BT Cloud on multiple phones, tablets and computers.


Step 5: Automatic back-up

How to get BT Cloud 5

BT Cloud will automatically back up everything on your PC, but you can choose what you want to back up. Ensure Photos, Music and Videos folders are ticked to start automatic back-ups.


Remember to download it onto all of your devices to get the full benefits of BT Cloud.

You can do this by searching for ‘BT Cloud’ in your app store on your smartphone and tablet.

You’ll then be able to see, download, share and back up all of your content in one safe place.

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