How to make your internet homepage

Make your first port of call on your daily browse by making us your virtual internet home in Chrome, Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Setting a favourite website as your internet home page makes a lot of sense. It means every time you open a new browser tab or press the home button 🏠, the page will appear, saving you precious time on each visit.

Some web browsers will set a home page for you, but you don’t have to keep it – within seconds you can have a webpage you use every day, such as, as your home page.

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Here’s how to make your homepage using Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Please note, depending what version of your web browser you use, the steps below might vary slightly.

Internet Explorer

Set home page in Internet Explorer

Click the Tools icon in the top right-hand corner of the browser (it looks like a cog) and select Internet options.  In the pop-up box that appears delete the URL under Home page and enter

Click OK. Now when you launch a new tab, will be your homepage.

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Set up homepage Firefox

If you use Mozilla’s Firefox browser, click the orange Firefox button on the top left corner of the browser (or Tools if you have the menus visible) and select Options. 

In the pop-up box, click the General tab at the top. Look for the Startup section and for When Firefox starts select Show my home page. In the Home Page box, enter Click OK, and you're done.


Set home page in Chrome

Google Chrome users should click the menu icon  in the top right corner, and scroll down to Settings.

Scroll down to Appearance and click the switch next to Show Home Button so that it turns blue. Click on the empty bar under New Tab page and type, then press Enter.

Now you should see the Home button 🏠 in the menu bar and it will take you to BT.

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