How to keep your home safe when you are on holiday

Whether you’re going away this summer, or out all day, rely on the latest smart home technology to help keep the robbers at bay.

If there’s a downside to the prospect of going on holiday it’s the worry that something will happen to your home while you’re away. Even being out all day can be a concern for many, but what can you do about it?

Thankfully there’s now a whole host of smart and connected home technology that not only allows you to keep an eye on your home wherever you are, but also offers ways to deter thieves from trying. Of course, nothing is 100% guaranteed sadly, although you’ll definitely reduce your chances by trying these techniques.

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Tip 1: Get a smart camera

A smart camera such as the Nest Cam Indoor Security Camera  or the Hive View Camera are effective ways to watch over your home, wherever you are in the world.

These indoor camera can be checked from an app on iOS and Android or online via an internet connection. Set up alerts for motion and sound, so you can be alerted instantly. They shoot in HD, include a speaker and microphone, plus there’s night vision meaning you can catch just about anything day or night.

Tip 2: Get a camera for your front door


There are other products you can use to watch on the outside too.

Thieves will obviously want to make sure no one is home and may decide to knock on your door to check. A connected front door bell such as the RING Video Doorbell is a good option – not only good for checking who’s knocking at your door but also ideal if you’re expecting a delivery while you’re away.

You’ll get an alert to your phone with every call, enabling you to pick up and talk back to the person. Knowing that you’ve seen their face, thieves will hopefully decide not to burgle your home, especially as you can record and capture images.

See how the RING video doorbell works in the video above.

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Tip 3: Use connected plugs to make it look like someone’s home

Hive Active Plug

An old trick is to leave the lights on in your home, giving the impression someone is in. But if you’re away for days, it’s not the most practical idea.

Thankfully, there are now connected devices such as Hive light bulbs and plugs which you can control remotely and set times for on your phone.

Once you have the Hive light bulb and Hive Hub, you could set the lights to switch on for a few hours in the evening, and perhaps on again intermittently throughout the night. Alternatively, the plug could be used to switch on the TV, once again giving the impression someone is in.

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Tip 4: Phone a friend

Get a friend or neighbour to help

Sometimes, simple solutions are better than any modern technology – and if you’re going away from home for more than a couple of days, it makes a lot of sense to tell a neighbour (or a friend with transport).

Obviously you can’t expect them to stand on sentry duty outside your front door 24/7, but do ask them to check things from the outside every now and then, as well as pushing any protruding mail fully through the letterbox.

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