Everyone has experienced the frustration of going out to send a letter or a parcel only to find the queue in the Post Office is extremely long.

Fortunately, it’s easy to buy and print postage from the Royal Mail website. We show you how below.

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Go to the Royal Mail’s website - www.royalmail.com, and click on Buy and print postage on the left-hand menu.

royal mail

On the next page click Buy Now and then click Get started now in the Sending a one-off, or a handful of items?

This is the best option to use if you do not need to send items in the post regularly, and are perhaps just posting a birthday card or one-off parcel.

royal mail

You then have to fill in the details starting with delivery details and the item’s weight – this service is for items less than 20kg in weight.

Then you Choose a size, where you need to click the blue dot to confirm which size it is as the postage price will be calculated according to the dimensions of the item.

The next option is Choose a service, which lets you determine how quickly you want the package to arrive. Then add the recipient details and the sender details – and make sure you tick the box if you don't want the sender's address to appear on the label.

You can go back up and change the options if you change your mind, and your order summary is shown on the right-hand side.

Royal Mail

In the Summary & confirmation slot, you need to tick the T&Cs box to guarantee you are not sending any prohibited items.

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How to pay

If you have a PayPal account, you can pay for the postage by logging in to your account on the next day.

However, if you do not, you can click Pay with Debit or Credit Card.

Fill in your payment details, mobile number and email address and click continue to print out your postage.

Once the payment has been confirmed, you can download your labels to print them out and stick them to your letter or parcel. You will also receive email confirmation of your order.

Royal Mail

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