The simple way to turn notifications on and off in Google Chrome

If constant news updates are getting annoying, there’s an easy way to switch off Google Chrome notifications in your browser.

It’s very simple to turn on and off your notifications if you use Google Chrome, and decide which sites you want to receive notifications from.

You could, for instance, get updates from your favourite news website, but sometimes persistent notifications can become annoying.

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You usually agree to notifications when you visit a website and a pop-up appears in the left-hand corner asking if you want that site to Allow or Block notifications.

How to turn Google Chrome notifications on and off 

Open Google Chrome on your computer and in the top right click the three dots in a row, and then click on Settings.

Google Chrome

Scroll down to the bottom of the new page and click Advanced. Under the Privacy and security sub heading click Content Settings.

Google Chrome

Click on Notifications, which is next to the bell icon.

Google Chrome

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On the Notifications page you will then see a list of sites that you have allowed or you have blocked. If you want to change the settings for a particular site you can click on the three dots in the right hand column and choose if you want to Block, Edit or Remove the notification.

Google Chrome

If you want to add or block a particular site just click ADD in the right hand column and type in the URL of the site you want or do not want to receive notifications from.

To block all sites turn the blue slider in the top right hand corner to on, so telling the browser to Ask before sending (recommended).

Google Chrome

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