Despite their relatively small size, the British Isles have such a diverse range of accents that you can often place someone to within a few miles of their home by listening to them speak.

Now an interactive website let you test how many of these islands’ brogues you know.

Expedia’s Accent Map of the British Isles contains recordings by actors of 15 accents around the UK including Glasgow, Edinburgh, Northern Irish, Welsh, Lancashire and Received Pronunciation (RP), each denoted by a dot on a map of the UK and Ireland.

Expedia Accent Map of the UK

In Explore mode click on a dot on map to hear a phrase said in that accent, such as ‘Alright my lover?’ in a Somerset accent or ‘Alright mate? How’s it going’ said in a Thames Estuary accent.

In Play mode, test your knowledge by listening to a phrase then guessing where the accent came from by selecting one of four choices on the map.

With so many diverse accents and dialects throughout the UK – the British Library has 287 in its collection - it would have been nice to have heard a few less obvious (and clichéd) accents to make the quiz a bit trickier.

But Expedia states the accent map should be seen as ‘rough guide’ to the general sound of accents and in “some instances, the accents have been exaggerated somewhat to highlight the differences more”.

If you’ve got a few minutes to spare this is a fun way to celebrate our diverse language.

Have you played Expedia’s quiz? Are there any accents you think are missing? Let us know in the Comments section below.