Internet safety quiz: Are you keeping your child safe online?

From five years old to 85, the internet is part of all our lives. Take our quiz to find out if you are doing all you can to keep your child safe online.

Today’s children are growing up with the internet.  The internet is a great source of information where kids can discover new things, make friends and play games. But it brings dangers such as cyberbullying, sexting and online grooming – issues today’s parents and grandparents didn’t encounter when they were growing up.

As a parent it can be unsettling to hear about such topics, but it’s really important to understand them so you can take steps to keep your child safe. Internet Matters, a not for profit e-safety organisation, has a brilliant website with comprehensive but understandable advice about many of the issues facing children online including cyberbullying,  inappropriate content, and online grooming.

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BT broadband customers can keep their children safe online with BT’s free Parental Controls. Choose between pre-set filters that block content, set times the filters are on and off and block individual websites. The parental controls work with any device that connects to your home router or when you log into a BT Wi-fi hotspots using your BT ID. Find out more.

What sort of parent are you? Are you savvy about the issues facing children or do you prefer not to get involved? Take our quiz to find out.


For a comprehensive and easy to use resource of the most up-to-date information for keeping your child safe online, check out Internet Matters.

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