A blind Twitter user’s request to make the social media site more accessible went viral this week.

Veteran Rob Long wrote a Twitter thread explaining how it would help him, and others with visibility issues, to turn on a feature called “caption description”.

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In this article we take a look at how you can adjust your Facebook images to allow all users of the site to access your photographs easily.

Add captions to your photos

When you upload your favourite holiday snap, you can make it more accessible by including a caption on it. Facebook will use automatic alternative text to generate photo descriptions automatically for those with sight issues.

It’s easy to do – when uploading your photo write a description where it says Say something about this photo… and then click Post.


Automatic alternative (alt) text is a Facebook feature that uses object recognition technology to create a description of the photo for the blind and vision-loss community, according to the social media giant.

See how it looks in the video below.

Add captions to your videos

For instructions on how to add or remove captions on video, see Facebook advice pages for more options.

Or, when you’re making a video for social use consider using subtitles.

To keep up to date follow Facebook Accessibility on Facebook and Twitter.

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