A new electronic whiteboard system that aims to help the quality and safety of NHS patients has been recognised by a BT-supported award.

MyWard, which has been developed by the Devon Partnership NHS Trust, is an at-a-glance visual storyboard that allows staff to get a clear picture of the ward in one place.

And judges of the Tech4Good Awards – supported by BT for the sixth year and organised by national charity AbilityNet – were so impressed that the system won the Digital Health Award category.

You can see how the system works by clicking on the picture at the top of the page.

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MyWard was tested by staff at Beech Ward, an inpatient unit for the assessment and treatment of older people with severe mental health needs.

Previously, information about patients being cared for on the ward was handwritten on a whiteboard and had to be manually updated regularly.

Now, the new touch-screen system provides near real-time information from the clinical recording system.

Rony Arafin, Head of Performance Information at the Devon Partnership NHS Trust, said: “We are very proud to have won the Digital Health Award 2016, not only for our organisation – Devon Partnership NHS Trust, also representing the NHS.

“It’s a fantastic achievement for all staff in the NHS who goes beyond the call of duty to provide excellent care and treatment. All Tech4Good finalists were fantastic, and for us – it was incredible to be shortlisted, and winning the category means a lot to our staff and patients, as the innovation is focused around improving the quality and safety of care.”

Lewis Powell, Clinical Team Leader on Beech Ward, added: "I use MyWard on a daily basis. It has made such a big difference to our patients and allowed us to spend much more time with them too. Ensuring that their holistic needs are met is something I have always strived to do since working in the NHS and MyWard allows this to happen much more reliably.”

There are now plans for the innovative technology to be used in other areas of our NHS Trust, and potentially work with other NHS organisations. 

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