Social networks are a great way to stay connected with family and friends, enabling us to keep up-to-date with what’s going on, or perhaps the latest holiday snaps.

There are a vast number of social networks – or social media – to choose from now, but the leaders are Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

While they can be a fun and enjoyable escape, unfortunately the experience can be blighted by people who set out to upset others.  Whether it’s abuse from someone you know, or someone you’d just prefer not to associate with, there is always a way to carry on using social networks without them ruining it for you. You can block them.

Blocking is also a way of controlling your privacy – you may not want your boss or an ex-partner looking through your feed.

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What blocking entails varies between social networks, but it typically prevents individuals from seeing your posts and contacting you. It can be an effective way of keeping unwanted users away.

Hit play on the video above to see how to block on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram from your computer, and read the steps below for more.

How to block someone on Facebook

Facebook allows you to block people you are already friends with, as well as those you’re not connected to.

1: Click on the question mark icon at the top right, followed by Privacy shortcuts.

Blocking someone on Facebook

2: Select How do I stop someone from bothering me?

Blocking someone on Facebook

3: Type the name of the person you wish to block, then click the Block button.

Blocking someone on Facebook

4: Find the person you wish to block among the list and click the Block button.

Blocking someone on Facebook

5: Read the information in the pop-up box. When you are sure about your decision, click the final Block button.

Blocking someone on Facebook

How to block someone on Twitter

1: To block anyone on Twitter, find their profile page first.

2: Click on the three dot icon to the right of your screen and click Block.

Blocking someone on Twitter

3: A warning box will appear. If you are happy to proceed, click the final Block button.

Blocking someone on Twitter

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How to block someone on Instagram

1: Using a web browser, go on their profile page and find the 3 dot icon.

Blocking someone on Instagram

2: Click Block this user.

Blocking someone on Instagram

Have you managed to block someone successfully on social media? Let us know in the Comments section below.