Most of us use it every day, but how much do you know about the world’s biggest social network?

We’ve answered 10 of the most pressing questions below. See if yours is among them.

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1. When was Facebook created?

Facebook was founded on February 4, 2004.

2. Who is Mark Zuckerberg?

Mark Zuckerberg is one of the original co-founders of Facebook. He now serves as the company’s chairman and CEO.

3. What is Mark Zuckerberg’s net worth?

While he only takes a salary of $1 a year, Zuckerberg is one of the richest people in the world (the rest of his income is through bonds and shares in the company). His net worth is thought to be $71.8 billion.

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4. How did Facebook start?

Zuckerberg started Facebook in his college bedroom at Harvard. Initially called Facemash, it started as a way to compare two students’ pictures and for others to rate who was more attractive. Initially, it was only available to Harvard students, but it was then expanded to other universities as a central database of all students enrolled. It was eventually made publicly available to anyone claiming to be over the age of 13.

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5. Where are Facebook’s headquarters?

The company HQ is in Menlo Park, California, right in the heart of Silicon Valley.

6. How Facebook earns money

Because people upload so much personal information to Facebook, the social network knows a lot about its users. That means it can charge more to advertisers to place ads on the site, because they can target groups of people very specifically, based on their age, location, gender and interests.

7. How Facebook has changed the world

It’s given anyone with an internet connection a platform to share their views. It’s also made it much easier to share what’s going on in your life with friends, family and colleagues.

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8. Where is Facebook banned?

The social network has been banned by various governments around the world, including those in Syria, China and Iran.

9. How do I sign into Facebook?

It’s simple. Head to and click Log in. You’ll then have to enter your username and password. Don’t have an account? It’s simple to set one up. Just click Sign up for Facebook, enter your details, and you’re away.

10. How to contact Facebook

Facebook doesn’t make it easy to get in touch. It doesn’t list a phone number or email address to contact. Instead you’ll have to go through the Help Centre section and see if that can solve your problem.

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