GIFs have been animating our screens for decades and they’re about to go a step further.

The popular image format has been around for an impressive 30 years this month and to mark the occasion Facebook has decided to expand its support so that you can now comment in GIFs. So if you love to get really expressive with your replies, read on now, it’s super easy to do.

And don’t forget how to pronounce GIF before you start flooding your Facebook friends with them – you can find out the exact way GIF is properly pronounced by watching our video explainer here.


How to add a GIF to a Facebook post on a phone or tablet

1. Tap the Comment button as normal.

2. Next to ‘Write a comment…’ click the GIF button.

3. A selection of the most popular trending GIFs will appear but you can search for something that reflects your mood more by searching. Simply type a word and see what appears.

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How to add a GIF to a Facebook post on a computer

1. Click on the Comment button as normal.

2. Next to the camera icon, click on the GIF icon.

3. In the box that appears you’ll see trending GIFs. You can also search for a GIF that reflects your mood by typing in the box above. Scroll down to see the full selection.

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Where else can I add GIFs?

Twitter already supports GIFs, as does WhatsApp – read more here.

What do you think about GIF support coming to comments on Facebook? Let us know in the Comments section below.