Snapchat is the photo messaging and chatting app that’s taken the world by storm. But are you using it to its full potential? Check out these simple tips and tricks, and you’ll get make sure you’re getting everything Snapchat has to offer.

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Tip 1: World Lenses

Everyone knows about Snapchat’s selfie lenses, which let you put a fun spin on taking a photo of yourself. But did you know you can apply similar effects to snaps taken with your rear-facing camera? They’re called World Lenses. To activate them, just start using your rear-facing camera and tap your phone’s screen. The World Lenses will appear near the bottom of the screen. Just cycle through them to see how they’ll look.

Tip 2: Store snaps with infinity mode

Snapchat messages disappear into the ether within 10 seconds of being seen. Or do they? Not with this little trick. Turn on Infinity Mode in the settings and messages will remain viewable for as long as you stay in the conversation – but they will disappear once you exit the conversation.

Want to save an individual chat for later? Just tap and hold a chat bubble and it'll be saved for posterity (though be warned: the person you’re chatting with will receive an alert that you’ve done this). The next time you open the conversation, scroll up and you’ll see the message that you saved. To revert to standard mode and make it disappear after the allotted time period, tap and hold it again.

Tip 3: Create a Snapcode from any website

Snapcodes make it easy to add friends. And you can now create them to direct people to a certain website.

To do so, go to Settings - Snapcodes - Create Snapcode and enter a website address. Tap Create, and it’ll generate the Snapcode. You can then send this to anyone to scan, or even print them off and put them on posters or flyers. Extra tip: tap the code, and you can enter an image of your choice. Because the personal touch goes a long way.

Snapchat Snapcodes and filters


Tip 4: Make your own stickers

Adding stickers to your Snaps are great fun, but it’s a little boring using the same ones as everyone else. So why not create your own? Just take a photo or video, then tap the Scissors icon and colour in the part you want to make into a custom sticker (around your face, for example). It’ll automatically save it, ready to be accessed whenever you feel like it – just tap the Stickers icon.

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Tip 5: Draw with emojis

Emojis aren’t just for inserting into message text – they can be used for drawing too. Tap the Pen drawing tool, then the star emoji under the colour bar, and let loose with your artistic side. Remember: you can never have too many hearts.

Snapchat emoji and Travel Mode

Tip 6: Save data with Travel Mode

Worried about Snapchat using too much of your phone’s monthly data allowance? There’s a mode to help you stay on top of it. Go to Settings - Manage - Travel Mode (above) and select the check box. This will prevent data-heavy Stories from loading when you’re out and about, saving them for when you’re connected via Wi-Fi.

Tip 7: Send money to friends

You don’t need a dedicated banking or money sending app in order to transfer cash to friends. You can do so through Snapchat. Just go to Settings - Snapcash, enter your details and add a debit card. Type the amount of money you’d like to transfer, and ping it to a friend. Hey presto – no more time wasted splitting the bill.

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