Strange and funny things on Google Maps in the UK

Google Maps allows you to get up close - but not too personal - with cows, the Tardis and secretive homes. Here's what else we found...

Mysteriously pixelated homes, celebrities that have dropped out of the public spotlight and abandoned villages can all be found on Google Maps in the UK.

While Google can blur faces, houses and licence plates on request, some of the items pixelated seem to be very strange indeed.

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We show you how you can find these strange and wonderful glitches on Street View.

Mysteriously blurred house in Teeside 


On Princeport Road in Stockton-on-Tees, several homes have been singled out for pixellation. The houses' fronts on this quiet residential street remain invisible to anyone looking them up on Google Street View, and for seemingly no good reason.

The owner of one of the houses told her local newspaper she has no idea why it's been blacked out.

Click here to explore Stockton-on-Tees, England

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A blurred cow's face

Cow face

It’s not just houses and people that get Google’s special pixelation treatment - a stray cow alongside the River Cam in Cambridge also appears to have been granted anonymity.

However, by clicking around the innocently grazing animal you can get a glimpse of its face. 

Click here to see the cow in Cambridge.

Explore Britain’s abandoned villages 

In the UK there are many fascinating ghost towns and villages that can be accessed from your armchair through Google Maps and Google Earth.

Take Imber in Wiltshire. Residents here were asked to leave in November 1943 with just 47 days notice as the Allies prepared for the invasion of Europe. The locals were never able to return, and the village remains in the control of the Ministry of Defence.

It is open to the public for 50 days a year, but visitors are greeted with signs reading “Danger. Unexploded military debris. Do not leave the carriageway”, and there’s no phone signal in the village.

Click here to explore Imber, Wiltshire.

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Jump inside with Doctor Who and explore the Tardis

Inside an innocuous looking police phone box in London's Earl’s Court is Doctor Who’s Tardis. Famously bigger than it looks on the outside, you can explore the magical time travelling box on Google Maps.

There are no promises, however, that the new Doctor will be inside. 


Click here to explore the Tardis.

Wayne’s World does… Plymouth

Wayne's world

We’ve seen little of Wayne and Garth since 1994’s sequel to the original hit movie and now we know why. Thanks to the wonders of Google Street View, the two ageing rockers have been spotted flying under the radar in the south west of England.

“What a totally amazing excellent discovery!”

Click here to explore Plymouth on Google Maps

Google Street View gets more than it bargains for on the Isle of Man

Isle of Man

The tables were turned on the Google Street View camera when it visited the Isle of Man. One resident decided that it needed a bit of a clean and grabbed a cloth to do the job himself.

Click here to explore the Isle of Man.

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