If you’ve ever wondered how much London has changed over the last 120 years, head over to Google Maps, where Ordnance Survey Maps from 1893-1896 are now available to view.

The map information comes from surveys taken between 1891 and 1895, covering the central built-up area of London. 

The maps overlay the Google Maps view of modern London, so you can easily flick between old and new London, looking at cathedrals, houses, public buildings, parks and docks.

For anyone interested in history or architecture, they provide a fascinating look at the way the capital has stayed the same and changed. Buckingham Palace and Regents Park are practically unchanged, but east London is dramatically different - docks have been replaced by high rises at Canary Wharf. 

Take a trip to Victorian London with Google Maps - in pictures

The maps are from the National Archive of Scotland. Originally comprising of 729 sheets and using a scale of 1:500, they were georeferenced and joined together before being added to Google Maps.

For a glimpse of Victorian London, head to Google Maps and zoom into central London. Tick London - OS Town Play 1893-6 on or off to see the capital as it looked in the 1890s or today’s city

If you want an even earlier insight into the capital’s past maps showing London in 1843 are available online  although the quality isn’t as good.


All pictures copyright: National Library of Scotland