Our tech and gadgets do so much to make life easier but sometimes you might have a good idea of you own about how you make the most out of a certain piece of kit.

Thanks to IFTTT you can bring those ideas to life – and you don’t even need any special technical knowledge.

What is IFTTT?

IFTTT is a web service which allows you to create ‘applets’ for gadgets such as smartphones and Amazon Alexa and online services like Facebook and Spotify.

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What does IFTTT stand for?

If this then that.

The name defines the process you take to create your ‘applet’ – so if your device or service does this, then it should do that.

For example, if your smartphone detects that it’s away from your house, then switch the wi-fi off. These are the sort of commands – known as ‘applets’ – which you can create.

How does IFTTT work?

Simply join the website at IFTTT.com or download the free app and you’ll be able to start creating applets instantly.

Select a service you want to create an applet for – for example, Spotify. It will usually ask you to connect to these services which, in this example, means logging into Spotify and granting IFTTT permission to interact with it.

You then select a trigger, such an alert whenever a new track is added to your music.

Next, you have to select what it should do every time this occurs. We’ve decided to select Gmail, and make Spotify sent an alert to Gmail whenever a new track is added.

You can also use applets which have already been made by other users.