No matter what operating system you’re on, there are a number of options to choose from when it comes to web browsers.

On Windows 10 it’s no exception – if anything, you have more choice because of the exclusive Microsoft Edge browser.

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Microsoft Edge is the successor-in-waiting to Internet Explorer, which currently lives on mainly to serve previous versions of Windows. But you don’t have to stick to one of Microsoft’s offerings at all. Each browser has something unique, so you’re sure to find one that meets your tastes.

Here’s a rundown of the most well-known web browsers:

Microsoft Edge

Microsoft Edge

Edge is a brand-new browser which around two years old. It offers a clean interface and smooth surfing but lacks a bit of the experience of its rivals.

The browser fits perfectly into Microsoft’s mission of making Windows 10 usable across various devices. So your Favourites are automatically synced to your Windows 10 Mobile (if you have one).

The same goes for the Reading List, which is a useful feature that allows you to save articles to read later – especially useful if you’re on a tablet.

There’s also Web Note, for those times when you need to make annotations for work or projects.

In the a Windows 10 Anniversary Update, Microsoft added Extensions to Edge, providing more convenience to users.

Before Windows 10 was first launched, Microsoft claimed its own tests showed that Edge was up to 112% faster than Chrome.

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Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer

Although Edge is due to succeed Internet Explorer, the last version, IE11, will be around a little longer for older versions of Windows – find out more about the end of Internet Explorer here.

Internet Explorer won’t be getting any new features on Windows 10 given that it’s due to be replaced by Edge, but the big difference is that it has experience - so much experience that Edge has an ‘Open with Internet Explorer’ option for pages that aren’t loading properly.

Internet Explorer 11 is still very functional and useful to those of us who prefer its traditional design and aren’t bothered about extras beyond Favourites.

Plus, the top bar section is actually slightly smaller than Edge’s, meaning you get more screen space.

Download Internet Explorer 11                 


Google Chrome

Google Chrome

Chrome took the world by storm in September 2008 and is now the most used web browser around.

Many Chrome users credit it with being fast and simple – the latter is certainly true for most, with its easy-to-use layout. Speed, on the other hand, varies from PC to PC, but we have some tips to speed Chrome up on another version of Windows, right here.

Apps form a big part of Chrome’s charm, with a wide choice of free offerings among them, such as Facebook and YouTube.

Chrome’s biggest feature is its close integration with other Google services – so if you have a Google account, your bookmarks, history and apps can be synced to wherever else you login. For many this is a convenience, while others see it as a concern, questioning how Google uses this data.

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Firefox is also a popular, well-known web browser option and similar to Google Chrome in many ways.

It has a simple interface and apps (or ‘add-ons’ as they’re known) which provide added extras to your surfing experience.

Some of the features are similar to Microsoft Edge too, such as Synced Tabs, meaning you can continue looking through any pages you have open from a smartphone or tablet using the Firefox app and an account.

The Pocket Button allows you to save an article, video or page from Firefox and view on any device later too – again, using the Firefox app and an account.

One other unique feature is Firefox Hello, which lets you and another user browse the same web page together – great if you’re working with a colleague, or perhaps planning a trip with family elsewhere.

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