Want to watch YouTube while you browse the web? Try this helpful Chrome extension

Leave YouTube videos playing in the corner of your computer’s screen while you continue exploring using a simple extension on Chrome.

Hundreds of millions of hours of YouTube videos are watched by people every single day, meaning there’s lots to explore, whatever your taste. If you’re new to YouTube, read our full guide here.

YouTube’s picture-in-picture feature allows you to play a video in the corner of the screen while you continue doing something else. Smartphone and tablet users have been able to enjoy the useful feature for some time, although the mobile versions only allow you to stay within the YouTube app.

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Sideplayer is an extension for the Google Chrome web browser which lets you use picture-in-picture on a PC while you continue to browse the web. You could have a music video playing in the corner, for instance, while you visit your favourite news website.

To see how it works, follow the instructions below and hit play on the video.

Please note, this extension is not an official YouTube-endorsed product.


1: Download Sideplayer from the Chrome Web Store

Open Chrome and click on Apps.

YouTube picture-in-picture

Select Web Store.

YouTube picture-in-picture

Search ‘sideplayer’.

YouTube picture-in-picture

Click ADD TO CHROME next to the extension titled as Sideplayer ™.

YouTube picture-in-picture

In the box that appears, click the Add extension button.

YouTube picture-in-picture

Finally, cross the small popup box that appears.

YouTube picture-in-picture

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2: Using Sideplayer on YouTube

When you want to leave a video playing in the corner of your browser on YouTube, simply hover over the image and you’ll see a small black player icon. Click it and the video will play in the top right corner of your screen. You have to restart Chrome before doing this. 

YouTube picture-in-picture

You can then go about surfing the web as usual. If you want to hide the video, simply click the black video icon above it. The video will resume if you click it again.

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