Whether it’s opening jars, slicing bread, pouring the kettle or even grinding pepper, these simple gadgets make everything a little bit easier.

We’ve prepped a selection of 20 gadgets - most of which are available to buy VAT free - that can ease stress and provide a helping hand when preparing food or a brew.

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All the prices below include VAT. If you are eligible for VAT relief, many of the gadgets below will be cheaper.


Food and drink preparation

Kettle and Teapot Tipper


Price: £46.79

Website: Essential Aids

Nothing should get in the way of a good brew, so this gadget is perfect for those with limited strength. Available with or without a base, it keeps the kettle/teapot in place with a Velcro strap. All you need to do is use a little leverage.


CanPull Tin Opener


Price:  £2.22

Website: Complete Care Shop

Getting fingers underneath ring pulls can be tricky and painful. With CanPull, you can just slide the end underneath, fold forwards and roll back. Simple.


ETAC Bread Cutting Board


Price: £20.94

Website: Complete Care Shop

We could all use a little help slicing bread. One slip and it could be bye-bye fingertip! This board keeps the knife between safety guides and keeps the cutting action straight.


Spill Not Jar Opener


Price: £15.90

Website:  Complete Care Shop

For those frustrating occasions when you just can’t open the lid of the pickle or jam jar. This gadget does the job with just one touch, on lids from 3 to 10cm. You won’t even need a tea towel for grip.


Talking Food Thermometer


Price: £25.45

Website:  RNIB

Manufactured by the RNIB, this is a great tool to help ensure food is cooked to the correct temperature. There’s also a display with large font that’s easier to read.


Audible and Vibratory Liquid Level Indicator


Price: £10.79

Website: RNIB

The proper way to make tea is to put the milk in last. This helpful gadget will vibrate or give an audio cue when you’ve reached a level where there’s still enough room for milk.


Terrallion RNIB Talking Kitchen Scale


Price: £53.94

Website:  RNIB

Pretty self-explanatory, this one. Take the guesswork out of kitchen measurements with this helpful talking scale.


OneTouch Can Opener


Price: £15.54

Website: Complete Care Shop

This gadget eases strain on the wrist by opening cans with just a tap of a button. This is great for folks with a weakened grip.


Ozeri Savore Soft Touch Electric Pepper Mill and Grinder


Price: £29.99

Website: Amazon

Fresh black pepper can add the finishing touches to a number of meals. This electronic grinder makes it as easy as tapping the pot. 


Ozeri Pro Electric Wine Bottle Opener


Price: £24.99

Website: Amazon

No more messing about with corkscrews, this will do the job for you at the touch of a button. It will even cut the foil for you.


L-Shaped Grater



Price: £10.79

Website: Essential Aids

This grater requires less wrist strength than conventional graters. When we think about how much knuckle skin tends to make it into the grated cheese/veg, we wonder why this wasn’t the design all along.


Twinzee Compact Vegetable Spiraliser


Price: £9.90

Website: Amazon

Instead of peeling and chopping, a spiraliser is a great way to ensure veggies are easier to prepare and consume, while offering the bonus of brightening up any salad bowl.


Kitchen safety hygiene

Buckingham Plate Holder


Price:  £3.90

Website: Complete Care Shop

Microwaves are great, but hot plates can be awkward to get out. This plate holder not only bypasses the burn, but distributes weight evenly across the entire hand.


NRS Healthcare Talking Digital Timer


Price:  £15.99

Website: Amazon

This gadget saves the hassle of getting up every so often to check the oven timer. It will announce how long is left every hour, and once a minute during the last 10 minutes.


Talking Label


Price: £4.79 each

Website: Cobolt

Perfect for the visually impaired, these affordable gadgets attach to the top of tins and allow a 10-30 second message to be recorded, such as the contents or when it was last used, which can be played back with the touch of a button. No more guesswork.


Easi-Turn Tap Turners


Price: £7.99

Website: Healthcare UK

These simple gadgets make it easy to transform awkward crosshead tap heads into effortless long-handled levers. They’re simple to fit so there’s no need to call a plumber.


Plug Tugs


Price: £4.99 (pack of 10)

Website: Healthcare UK

Unplugging kitchen appliances can save on the electricity bill, but they can be awkward to remove. With these handy plug tugs, it’s easy to unhook your toaster, microwave, etc. from the mains.


OPERNEE Automatic Soap Dispenser


Price: £14.99

Website: Amazon

Just place your hand under the sensor and liquid soap will just drop into the hand. There’s also a wide opening, making for easy refills. Batteries will last for a year.


Dihl 58-litre automatic sensor bin


Price: £50.99

Website: Amazon

This bin enables users to wave their hand over the top to open. No stooping down or lifting lids. Within a few seconds it’ll automatically close too.


Non-Slip Mat


Price: £17.99

Website:  Essential Aids

Vigorous whisking and traditional kitchen surfaces aren’t exactly ideal bedfellows, so these non-slip pads are a welcome addition to any food prep arsenal. 

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