One of the finest functions of the web is its ability to inform and educate in a more engaging way than before – and best of all, it’s largely for free.

It’s especially useful for those interested in military and wartime-related subjects, with a wide breadth of interactive and intriguing content to discover. But there’s no need to look too far, as we’ve gathered some of the best destinations right here just for you:

Military and wartime sites on Google Maps

Access denied: 6 top secret places hidden by Google Maps

From air bases to maximum security prisons: places you’re not allowed to see on Google Earth

From HMS Victory to Pearl Harbour: How to explore wartime sites using Google


Military on your mobile

Play out famous battles and follow the front lines: Best apps for military history fans

Military history fan? Learn and listen at home with these free podcasts

Discover World War II London’s secrets


Futuristic military tech

Revealed: The unmanned boats that could be used by the Royal Navy

US military teams up with British company to create hoverbike technology

Why contact lenses could be the new computer screens

Fighter planes turned remote-controlled drones make ideal targets for USAF pilots

Hypersonic jet could cut London-New York flight to one hour– if only the human body could take it

These plans for unmanned 'lab-grown' military aircraft look like a sci-fi movie plot

The world's most advanced military aircraft photographed from the back seat of a Typhoon

Navy pilots turn to flight simulator to practise landings on unbuilt aircraft carrier

Royal Navy warships built using 3D technology


Interesting facts behind military tech

8 ground-breaking and life-saving technologies from World War II

- 13 amazing aviation facts we learnt from Britain’s Ultimate Pilots


The best military, wartime and history websites

BBC launches interactive WW1 guides

8 websites for military history fans


Military and naval videos


Unmanned Warrior: The Royal Navy’s driverless vehicles exercise

See how revolutionary engines could send aircraft shooting into outer space

Watch as HMS Prince of Wales is mechanically skidded together

In the future the Navy could be using unmanned boats

Do you know any other great places for military and wartime content on the web? Share them with us in the Comments section below.