We all know that kids of today have no patience; that they demand instant gratification from everything. But is that anything new?

American company Polaroid built its empire in the latter part of the 20th century by selling the convenience of near-instant photographs.

Why go to the hassle of taking used films to a chemist – or, as many hobbyists did, process images in a darkroom at home – when you could take a Polaroid picture and see it develop in front of your own eyes?

Of course, digital cameras killed all that at the turn of the millennium. And these days even the compact digital camera is facing extinction, with smartphones offering very competent camera options and true pocketability.

But what would young kids of today make of our idea of ‘instant’ photography? To find out, we gave a Polaroid Supercolor 635CL – a popular model from the mid-80s – to a handful of young children aged 5 to 12.

Watch the video to see how things developed (sorry).

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