Whatever you use your phone for, you can be sure that there’s an app for that. And chances are it’s free to boot!

These iPhone apps can help you do pretty much anything with your phone, from finding your way around town, to messaging friends, listening to music on the go, and picking up a bargain.

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BT Mobile

BT Mobile screenshot

If you worry about going over your monthly data allowance, this is the app for you. It lets you check how much data you have left in your plan, as well as how many texts and minutes you’ve used. You can even see when your allowances will reset, and how much you use when you go abroad. Download it now and start managing your BT Mobile account from the palm of your hand

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BT Wi-fi

BT Wi-fi app

This app lets you get online automatically at more than five million BT Wi-fi hotspots around the UK. If you’re a BT Broadband or BT Mobile customer, you’ll get free unlimited BT Wi-fi access, saving your data allowance for when you really need it. It’s simple to use too – just log in once, and it’ll automatically connect you whenever you’re in range of a hotspot.

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True Key

TrueKey app screenshot

Fed up of forgetting all your passwords? We don’t blame you. But with True Key, you’ll never have to remember a password again. It acts as the key into your digital world, storing all your passwords so you don’t have to try and remember them. Just unlock the app, and you’ll have access to all your accounts and websites, hassle-free and you only need to remember one password. You can even log in to it using facial or fingerprint recognition. But the best bit? It’s free to BT Broadband customers.

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Citymapper app

Urban transport app Citymapper makes it so much simpler to get around. It’s designed especially for cities, and gives you options like walking, using public transport, cycling or taxis. Enter our destination and it’ll give you multiple transport options, so you can decide which is best for you. Plus it tells you your arrival time, so you can send it to friends and make it easier to meet up with them.

Download Citymapper for iOS


WhatsApp screenshot

WhatsApp lets you send messages using your data allowance or wi-fi (if you’re in range of a wi-fi hotspot). This means you can usually message friends for free. It doesn’t matter if they use a different mobile operating system either, as messages are free to any smartphone. You can send picture messages at no extra cost, and even make free phone calls over the internet.

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Spotify screenshot

Spotify puts a world of music at your fingertips. You can listen to millions of songs for free, across all types of genres. Ready-made playlists fit any mood or occasion, from dinner party jazz to high-tempo workout tunes. The Discover Weekly playlist will open your ears to new music every Monday, too. The free version does include adverts, but you can get rid of them with a paid subscription.

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Amazon app screenshot

The world’s biggest shopping website is now available in app form. Whatever you need – be it a barbecue for the sunny weather or an umbrella for a wet weekend – you’ll find it on Amazon. The app lets you buy with one click, so you don’t have to enter your credit card details every time. Plus you can read user reviews to make sure you don’t buy a dud.

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eBay screenshot

This app is a must for auction lovers. It lets you scour the full eBay site, with categories including fashion, furniture, tech, vehicles, DIY and many, many more. Of course it also lets you sell items and keep tabs on how your auction is going with a few simple taps. You can list your item directly with the app too, so there’s no need to use a computer. The barcode scanner makes it super simple to list an item – just scan it, and it’ll list the details automatically. Selling has never been so much fun.

Download eBay for iOS

Google Translate

Google Translate

One of the handiest apps around lets you translate text from virtually any language. Maybe you need help deciphering a foreign menu in a restaurant, or just want a few phrases to help you get by. Google Translate can help, with support for 103 languages. It’ll even translate some without an internet connection, which is handy if your adventures take you somewhere remote with no mobile reception. It’s simple to use too – just point it at the text as if you were taking a photo, and it’ll do the rest. Or you can type out the text. A must for any holiday.

Download Google Translate for iOS

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PayPal screenshot

Mobile payments don’t get simpler than this. PayPal lets you send money to anyone anywhere in the world – all you need is their mobile number or email address. The recipient can then spend the money online or withdraw it, all by using the app. Sending money in the UK? There’s no fee to pay. The app notifies you every time you spend, send or receive money with PayPal too, which helps you stay on top of your finances. Invaluable.

Download PayPal for iOS

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