Want a new phone? Discover how easy it is to get the handset you want

Discover the value of moving to a phone contract from SIM only and the brilliant savings you get as a BT Mobile customer.

Whether you are a Samsung, Sony or Google fan, if you’ve been waiting for the latest smartphone and it’s finally launched, you’ll want to get it as soon as possible.

Fortunately, with BT Mobile it’s very easy to get a new phone of your choice at a price you are happy to pay.

Stay with us and as well as a brilliant phone, you get much, much more….

  • Fantastic savings: We want to reward you for being a customer, so if you’ve got BT Broadband you get £5 off a month, so you can pay £120 less than non-BT homes on new phones!
  • Unlimited free wi-fi: Get online for free at 5 million BT Wi-fi hotspots around the UK, so you use the internet, update social media and check email online without using your allowance.
  • Free BT Sport app: Sign up for our 6GB or 15GB plans and get the BT Sport app free, watch Premier League Football, the Ashes and much, much more.
  • Roam Like Home: Say ‘Adios to big bills! Use your monthly data allowance in over 40 EU destinations, cutting the cost of using your phone in the EU and meaning you can stay in touch on holiday. Find out more.
  • High-speed 4G: This brings quicker downloads and smoother streaming from services like BBC iPlayer. BT Mobile has the UK’s biggest 4G network, so you can get 4G in more places.
  • Tethering: With tethering you can turn your phone into a personal hotspot, so family and friends can share your internet connection.
  • Spend caps: Worried about going over your allowance? With BT Mobile you can set a spend cap, so if you go over your monthly allowance you won’t get an unexpected bill. Spend caps start from £0 and £2.50 and can be changed every 30 days.

Save money and get the phone you want

Buying the latest model outright can cost hundreds of pounds, so the most affordable way to get the smartphone you want is by going pay monthly. You can choose the phone you want without paying a large amount upfront.

Worried about cost? We’ve got phones for all budgets

From the great value Sony Xperia L1 to the mid-range Samsung Galaxy A5 and Samsung Galaxy S8, BT Mobile has a brilliant range of phones to suit all users and price points.

Need lots of data or calls? Don’t worry…

Whether you use data now and again to check your email, or you like to stream YouTube videos, BT Mobile offers four tariffs with data to suit all usersIf you are continually going over your allowance, with BT Mobile you’ve got the flexibility to move up to a new plan and save money.

How to get the phone you want

Whether you are conscious about cost, want a specific brand or just want to find out more about the latest phones, our online tool makes it’s very easy to find the phone and tariff that is right from you.

Go to BT Mobile, use the sliders to enter the amount you want to spend, pick a brand, how much data you want and the screen size and we’ll show you the model of phone most suitable.

If you can’t decide what phone you want – maybe you are torn between a Sony or a Samsung - you can you can compare by features.

Visit BT Mobile to find the phone that is right for you

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