From brilliant value to online safety: Why BT Mobile is best for families

Is your child getting their first phone? Discover how BT Mobile can give you financial piece of mind and help your child stay safe online.

A mobile phone provides piece of mind so that parents can keep in touch with children and they can get hold of you.

BT Mobile realises that giving your child their first mobile is a big decision. We want you to have a great value, flexible phone plan, which is why we offer Family SIM, but we also give you the tools to ensure you children uses their phone safely with Parental Controls. Read on to find out more.

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Seven benefits of Family SIM

  1. Save money:  Family SIM lets you have up to five SIMs on the same plan. The cost per month gets cheaper the more SIM-cards you add. For instance, on a 4GB plan, you can add a second SIM for £8, a third for £7, a fourth for £6 a month and a fifth for £5 a month. This is significantly cheaper than individual phone contracts for the entire family. Find out how much you could save.
  2. Spend caps: Set a spend cap and you won’t have to worry about your child running up large bills if they go over their monthly allowance. You can set different spend caps for different family members, so younger children can have lower spend caps.
  3. Track use: Using My Mobile you can track how much data, minutes and calls your child has made and how many are remaining.
  4. One bill: With Family SIM you have one bill to manage and pay, which is much more convenient than dealing with separate bills for you and any children.
  5. Flexible contracts:  The first SIM on the Family SIM deal is on a 12-month contract, and each SIM after is on a 30-day rolling contract, giving you flexibility if your circumstances change or if you decide your child isn’t ready for a phone after all.
  6. Personalised control: With Family SIM you can determine how much control each family member has over their SIM, choosing between ‘some’ and ‘full’ control. With ‘some’ control the user can check data and calls online (which might be useful if they are older), but they can’t set monthly spend caps, parental controls or buy add-ons.
  7. Stay in touch: All Family SIM plans have unlimited minutes so you can stay in touch with your child and they have no excuses for not staying in touch with you!

Parental Controls

A mobile phone is a great communication tool, but as a parent it’s important to ensure your children are protected from inappropriate content that might upset or disturb them. The way to do this is with parental controls, which work by letting you block unsuitable content.  BT offers two types, BT Mobile Parental Controls and BT Parental Controls.

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BT Mobile Parental Controls

If your child has a BT Mobile phones, these work every time your child goes online using mobile data using 2G, 3G or 4G.

  1. To activate them go to and log in with your BT ID.
  2. Scroll down the page and look for Parental Controls
  3. Under ‘Filter mobile data content’ use the drop-down menu to select Strict, which blocks content only suitable for over 12s and Light, which blocks content for adults. Find out more from the BT Help pages

BT Parental Controls

BT Parental Controls: Wi-fi and BT Broadband

BT Wi-fi: Join BT Mobile and you get free access to 5 million BT Wi-fi hotspots around the UK via the BT Wi-fi app. If you allow your child to get online this way, keep them safe by turning on BT Parental Controls.

Do this by following the instructions above, them look for ‘You have not set up your BT wi-fi parental controls’, click ‘Get started’, and select the content filter level.

BT Parental Controls screenshot

BT Broadband: BT Parental Controls also work if you are a BT Broadband customer. They are network based, so once activated they work when your child goes online by connecting to your Home Hub. This is whether it’s via broadband on a PC, or wi-fi on a phone, laptop or tablet. 

BT Family SIM is available for BT Broadband and non-BT Broadband customers, find out more about Family SIM. 

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